Libera's Plan in Summer

"...Libera. The last time I mentioned them, they were caught up in the volcanic ash cloud crisis, if you remember, extending their chorale pilgrimages in airportsand making BBC National News to boosts(?). 

Well, Robert Prizeman has been in touch to say they ended up going across Greece from Athens by coach then by ferry to Venice, and then 24 hours on a coach across to Calais. and the whole trip took 5 days instead of 2 hours. 

Who said the life of a chorister could be uneventful?

The volcano has not dampened their enthusiasm, rather heated it. They're off to the U.S. in the summer. 

Good on them."

Listen to it HERE on the 1:24.03. After the report, he played "Gloria".

Nothing is official unless Libera posted it on their Official Website or FB etc. but it's really nice to know that they will be having a concert in US.

I bet the US fans are excited about this. Hope to hear more news! 


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