As I've been saying for the past month or two, I'm already doing my thesis and (hopefully) on my final year in college. Last week, we got a detailed schedule on our requirements and submissions and it's really heavy. This coming Saturday, we'll be passing our final draft on our first part of the thesis book and if it gets approved more work has to be done. I'm just saying this for the heads up. I might not be able to update this blog whenever I want to because I'll be limiting myself on a 2-hour internet use for stuffs not related on my thesis every Saturday evening only. (I've given my FB account to a friend and she already changed my password so I won't be tempted to open it from time to time. LOL) You can reach me though through TWITTER and EMAIL if you have any concerns, news or just want to wish me luck. :P

On the brighter side, of course, I won't let this blog be buried to grave (I don't know how many my readers are but I'm hoping there's a lot. hehe). I've asked my younger sister, Jelly, to take charge with this blog and update the blog whenever Libera post something (specially regarding with the US Tour). She's only 12, so you might see posts related to Jakob or someone else. hehehe PLEASE be kind to her. :)

Also, I realized that I haven't posted the original edit of the banner I've been using for couple of months already so I decided to post it here. Feel free to use it as your wallpaper but please do credit my blog if you're going to post it to another site. 


♥ Chix


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