It's Better Late Than Never...

I've been meaning to finish the postcard that I made but chores won't let me. I wanted to post this up before Christmas or atleast the day after Christmas but then again, I went somewhere else.

Anyhoo, just want to greet everyone a (Belated) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I'm really glad that besides knowing Libera, I've got to get more friends too! I'm looking forward for a fruitful new year for everyone.


Libera 2010 Concerts

Libera will behaving 2 concert on Japan next year!

8 April 2010 Bunkamura Orchard Hall, Tokyo
9 April 2010 Bunkamura Orchard Hall, Tokyo

If only I'm not doing my thesis on summer and if only I'm not requiredto visit my site in Cebu then I could have asked my aunt to watch their concert there and visit my other aunt who lives in Japan too. Ugh. I want to watch them live again... SOON! Lucky lucky Japanese! :)

Visit Libera Concerts for more details.


Libera Impostors

This was posted on Libera's Official Facebook Acount.

Thursday, September 24, 2009 at 4:57am
It has come to our attention that there is someone on Facebook pretending to be various boys from Libera. This person makes friends with fans and passes false information about the boys, and we have even been told of an attempt to extort money.

We believe one such account has recently been closed down by Facebook, but we know there are others.

Please take care. Libera boys are regularly reminded about internet safety and they know not to make friends with people they do not already know for real.

So if you are friends with someone who says he is a current Libera boy it may be the impostor or someone else who has the same name as a Libera boy. We would suggest you remove them from your friends lists.

Kind regards


Libera in Torquay, Devon UK

This was taken from Libera's concert in Torquay, Devon UK a year ago. I've been watching this for gazillion times but because of the video quality, I still can't figure out some of the boys. Any idea who they are? :)


Libera's Christmas Greeting

Woooah! What a nice surprise. Got a text from Tita Thelma on Dec. 16th afternoon and found out that Libera posted their Christmas greetings for the fans. Too bad i was on school at that time so I had to ask Tita Thelma the details of the video. hahaha but as soon as I got home, I opened my laptop and watched it immediately. :)
View the video after the jump. :)

My Libera Concert Experience [Part 3]

After the concert, I was expecting a meet and greet with the boys. I have loads of things in my mind that I wanted to tell, and most of all, I was excited to give them the postcards that I made. I mean, it wasn’t much and the drawings aren’t that good since I only did it for less than an hour. But I really did my best and I think they would appreciate it.. Unfortunately, no meet and greet session that time. But we still waited and hoped that they would pass by us on their way out of the hotel. 

My Libera Concert Experience [Part 2]

We arrived at around 7:45pm at Waterfront Hotel Concert Hall and to much at our surprise the venue wasn’t jam packed. Before we enter the concert hall, my aunt took a quick comfort room break and she even came across the boys, piled up as they enter the comfort room one by one. Several minutes had passed and the venue was slowly getting full but the show hasn’t started yet. As expected, it started in “Filipino time.” As soon as the concert had started, my aunt and I became really anxious. I actually didn’t understand the word from the welcoming speech. Anyhoo, we were seated at the center on 12th row. Although it’s quite far from the stage I could still see their faces clearly specially Tom and Josh’s at our area.


My Libera Concert Experience [Part 1]

Disclaimer: This post is more of my personal experience rather than a concert review. I decided to do it this way, since you can pretty much find a detailed concert review about the concert elsewhere. I just want to share this experience that I had. Warning: This is going to be really long.

While other Manile┼łos were watching the Libera concert in PICC, my family and I were stuck at home watching the Angel Voices DVD. I kept my tears from falling as I was really devastated by the fact that I couldn’t watch them live. I mean, I still can’t get over the fact that I missed it. Past midnight that day, I surf the internet hoping I could get some reviews about the concert and tell me if Tom sung a solo or two or if I’m really lucky perhaps a video (which I really doubt that there would be because PICC is really strict) but nada! No videos and no reviews.

Never Be Alone

I've been busy for the past few days. I've got this research on my design class and thing on my RMA that I had to do all over again. Ugh. Anyhoo, my mind's a bit wasted now to continue writing about the Concert Experience since I have a lot of reminiscing to do. hahaha So for now, I leave you "Never Be Alone", one of my favorite Libera songs.


December Celebrants

Meet And Greet Libera at the Podium, Manila (10-24-2009)

Disclaimer: This post is more of my personal experience so I just want to warn you all that this is going to be really long.

We arrived a bit late during the meet and greet session at Podium. Numbers 60-70 were already called to line up so my aunt hurriedly bought the cd and lined-up too. But only two people per cd are allowed to line-up so my aunt went to buy the dvd and I lined up for that. The first one we noticed there was Big Ben. He is indeed really big and really handsome. I didn’t know he was the “Big Ben” at that time. We just knew that he must be a former Libera member and thought that he’s really handsome.


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My First Libera

So there was this advertisement months ago about this group of boys called “Libera” promoting their concert in the Philippines. My dad, being a musical inclined person that he is, searched Libera on Youtube and got really hooked at them. He then introduced me to Libera using the song Sanctus (He knows I would love that since Pachelbel’s Canon in D is my favorite song of all time) and Tom became my favorite instantly. I then got my aunt to become a fan of them too and now, all of them love Libera. I guess there’s something about Libera’s music that I can not express in words that got us hooked up.

Libera Links

Note: Please click on the TEXT not on the pictures. :)

Libera Official Site / Pages:


EMI Japan: Libera

Fan Sites:
Libera 360  Uniting Libera Fans Worldwide!

Libera Dreams Your Ultimate Libera Resource

Other Sites:
LiberaUSA's Youtube

Libera Discography

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So, you’re wondering what this blog is all about?
Well, nothing really. I just love LIBERA and Tom Cully that’s why I decided to create a blog dedicated specially for them. Actually, Tita Thelma encouraged me to do this. Thank you for that. Though, this is my first time creating a blog, I promise to do my very best in keeping this up to date.

What do you expect to see here?
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