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I'm so hyped that Libera created their own blog!

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Spring Tour 2010 Video

It was really fun to know that they did enjoyed their "unexpected tour" after having concerts in Japan, Korea and Philippines. I really like Liam's picture. Anyhoo, here are some screen caps:










Spring Tour 2010

Libera updated their Facebook acount with pictures from their Spring tour.

Be sure to check it out.


Arundel Concert

Note that I didn't go to their Arundel Concert so I'll only post some things that I've read from those wonderful people who shared their experiences. Thank you for sharing with us. :)

Adoramus [solo: Stefan Leadbeater]
Libera [solo: Stefan Leadbeater & Alfie Smart]
Speech by Freddie Ingles
Time [solo: Ben Philipp & Josh Madine with Ralph Skan & Alex Leggett]
Sanctus [solo: Stefan Leadbeater]
Sanctissima [solo: Ben Philipp]
Speech by Sammy Moriarty
Ave Verum [solo: Flynn Marks & Jakob De Menezes-Wood with Matthew Rangel-Alvarez]
Far Away [solo: Ben Philipp & Ralph Skan with Kavana Crossley]
Salva Me [solo: Stefan Leadbeater]
Speech by Ben Philipp
Agnus Dei [solo: Alex Leggett with Jakob De Menezes-Wood, Ralph Skan, Sammy Moriairty & Stefan Leadbeater]
How Shall I Sing That Majesty? [solo: Jakob De Menezes-Wood & Stefan Leadbeater]


Mysterium [solo: Stefan Leadbeater]
Orinoco Flow
Speech by Freddie Ingles
The Fountain [solo: Ralph Skan & Ben Philipp]
How Can I Keep From Singing? [solo: Sammy Moriarty]
When A Knight Won His Spurs [solo: Ralph Skan with James Mordaunt]
Loave And Mercy [solo: James Mordaunt & Freddie Ingles]
Speech by Josh Madine
Bayan Ko [solo: Ben Philipp]
Stay With Me [solo: Daniel Fontannaz with Matthew Rangel-Alvares]
Deep Peace [solo: Stefan Leadbeater]
Speech by Cassius O'Connell-White
Exulate [solo: Ben Philipp]

Encore: Libera [solo: Stefan Leadbeater]

Libera members:
Mine Akpobome, Henry Barrington, Jonathan Barrington, Tiarnan Branson, Luke Collins, Liam Connery, Kavana Crossley, Jakob De Menezes-Wood, Daniel Fontannaz, Freddie Ingles, Stefan Leadbeater, Alex Leggett, Sam Leggett, Josh Madine, Flynn Marks, James Mordaunt, Sammy Moriarty, Cassius O'Connell-White, Benedict Philipp, Matthew Rangel-Alvares, Carlos Rodriguez, Alfie Smart, Ralpht Skan, James Threadgill

Sere Akpobome, Ewan Baxter, Jude Collins, Thomas Delgado-Little, Dylan Duffy, Ben Fairman, Luis Fernandes, Alex Godden, Matthew Jansen, Barney Lindsen, Matthew Madine, Cian O'Sullivan

Musical Director & Keyboards - Robert Prizeman
Keyboards, Clarinet, Recorder & Staging - Steven Geraghty
Strings - Emily Pettet, Emily Howell, Belinda Goodship & Emma Pask
Lighting - Stephen Ellerington
Concert Producer - Ben Crawley
Staging - Ellen Miller
Sound Mixing & Production - Sam Coates
Sound Mixing - Ian Tilley
Sound Engineering - Ben Rentoul
Stage Management - Callum Payne & Andy Winter
Chaperones - Barbara Geraghty, Eleanor Lewis & Tim Connery

*It is said that Jonathan Barrington arrived along with Ben Crawley, Steven Geraghty, Sam Coates, Ian Tilley, & Callum Payne.
*There were 4 string instrumentalists. Two of which played violin, one for viola and one for cello! :)
*Robert Prizeman was on the left-side. Everyone thought he was always positioned on the right.
*The kids were divided into 3 groups:
   Group A: 23 kids who joined the Asia tour with Mine Akpobome (present on all songs)
   Group B: 5 kids who sung in some of the songs
   Group C: 7 very young kids who joined in only a couple songs from their line-up
*I think Adoramus-Libera have the same arrangement as what they did in the Asia tour as it was reported that Stefan started it with the mellow "Are you the friend I cannot see?".
*Stefan was reported to be missing in "Time" but he came just in time to do his solo in "Sanctus".
*There were 29 kids present on songs: Salva Me, Agnus Dei & Love And Mercy
*All kids were present on songs: Adoramus (and Libera, I think), How Shall I Sing That Majesty & Exultate.
*We now have 5sets of brothers in Libera: Mine & Sere Akpobome, Jonathan & Henry Barrington, Luke & Jude Collins Sam & Alex Leggett and Josh & Matthew Madine.
*Tom was not present at the Arundel Concert (both as a singer and/or a staff) but someone who attended their Sunday service at St. Philip's confirmed that he was there (as well as Michael H). No sign of Ed though.

I'm trying to ask permission to the posters if I could post some pictures here. I'll put an update if they agree. Anyhoo, check out Libera Dreams and Libera Passions to read the reviews of those who attended.


St. Nicholas Choir

I just like how Libera's popularity increase in the Philippines choir. Although St. Nicholas Choir from Cabatuan, Iloilo is a mixed choir, I think they did their cover of Sanctus and Far Away really good. I hope they'll record more and I hope they'll have better audio/video quality next time. Great job guys! :)


May Celebrants

Happy happy birthday Henry and Jakob!

Happy birthday to
Liam O'Kane, Jake Shortall and Conor O'Donnell 
as well. :)



Okay, so forget about the title cause my head's not working. hahahaha

Just wanna share a short story about Libera's rising fame in the Philippines. Last week my aunt was listening to one of the famous radio shows while driving her car and the DJs were talking about the "TWEENERS" way of showing affection to their favorite stars. The topic actually started because they were talking about Justin Bieber's recent concert cancellation. Anyhoo, so they were talking about the tweeners fan affection and one of the DJ mentioned that she went to The Podium last April 14th and she was surprised that there were alot of tweenies waiting for the South London boys' choir and some of them were actually screaming when the boys walked in the place. She even mentioned that she was surprised when she found out that the fans know the photographer's name as well. hahaha The DJ might not know that the photographer were actually formers of Libera (Callum and Big Ben) and that the fans are not only composed of female tweeners but people from different ages as well. Talk about extra air-time. :)

On other news, I just learned from Kjec and Dale that Libera is topping the music chart in different Record stores. In Astrovision at San Juan, Libera's Peace ranked 3rd, New Dawn ranked 6th and Eternal ranked 11th on their Weekly Top Sellers. Anyhoo, in Trinoma Libera's New Dawn is at number 3, Peace at number 6 and Eternal at number 9. (These posts were made last week so it probably change now.) And I just found out that New Dawn ranked 3rd last January in Music One Top Charts. That's really good! I hope sales continue to sky rocket so next time they'll come here, they wouldn't just perform for us but we can also give them Gold or Platinum award/s.