MYX Presents Libera

MYX is the number one music channel in the Philippines. It usually airs pop, rock, love and recently Asian songs. We rarely see classical and new age music played there so it is a big deal that Libera will be featured on MYX Presents tomorrow, April 1, 2010 at 10pm. I hope all Filipino fans could watch that as well as other people so that more could be aware of Libera's music. Though Libera gained a lot of followers here, the truth is there are still many people who don't appreciate the kind of music gives to us. Anyhoo, I wouldn't be able to watch it tomorrow since I will be out for our yearly "Visita Iglesia". I hope someone could record it. But I would still watch those on replay, definitely.

For those who have MYX channel: (Channel 23 on Sky Cable)
Thursday  | 10:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Saturday  |  4:00 PM -  5:00 PM (Replay)
Sunday    | 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM (Replay)
Sunday    |  8:00 PM -  9:00 PM (Replay)
Tuesday   | 12:00 PM -  1:00 PM (Replay)

For those who have studio 23, you might want to check around 12-2am for MYX shows. Sorry I don't know the exact schedule but I'm sure they will also air it there.

Watch videos here:
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 and Part 6


Ticket Reservation

We will be accepting reservations over the Easter holidays.  You can call the following numbers:  0999.436.4275 / 0906.370.3129 / 0918.918.1367 look for Joel or Suzy.  Your reservations will only be good until Monday afternoon, 5PM, April 5, 2010, after which unclaimed reservations will be released back to the public.  You can pick up your reservations at:  Carte Blanche,  on the 5/F of the AIM Conference Center Manila Bldg., Benavidez cor., Trasierra Sts., Legaspi Village, Makati City.

The Seat plans are regularly updated so feel free to check them out before you call.

From Libera 360.


Win 2 Tickets

Great news Libera Fans!  We will be giving away 2 tickets to the Libera Peace Summer Philippine Tour which will be held at the RCBC Plaza theater on April 16!

This will be a trivia contest, and the question will be posted here at the Libera360 site on April 14.  The trivia question will be based on the Meet and Greet to be held at the Podium in Ortigas Center, so be sure you are there at exactly 5pm!  Not only will you see Libera in the flesh and have your CD's and Posters signed, but you will get the chance to win TWO (2) Tickets to their show!  So when you get there, be observant and attentive for the question might just be one of the sidelights of that event!

To All Our Cebuano Friends

For our friends in Cebu, we had a chance to speak with former Finance Sec. Bobby de Ocampo and asked him why LIBERA will be unable to pass Cebu during this visit.  He informed us that the boys will be in the Philippines for a very limited number of days  mainly to launch their new album “PEACE” and the first ever “in-flight” concert by Philippine Airlines where LIBERA will be the featured artist.     

Most of the boys time in the Philippines will be spent on promotional work for the album and the “in-flight” concert as well as on a TV appearance.  Since all of these need to be done in Manila,  they will not be able to make a visit to Cebu this time around.

Taken from Libera 360.

Tour Rehearsals

Our tour starts quite soon now but we are still practising hard. We are all very excited about visiting Japan, Korea and the Philippines and are really looking forward to performing in these wonderful countries.


More Photos at Libera's Facebook.


Please Donate Your Facebook Statuses For A Week

Here is the first challenge... for a week starting today, let us all change our Facebook status (if you have one) to the following:  "Get your LIBERA tickets by going  to  Carte Blanche,  on the 5/F of the AIM Conference Center Manila Bldg., Benavidez cor., Trasierra Sts., Legaspi Village, Makati City and look for Suzy Mejia or Joel Andaya or call 9994364275, 9063703129, 9189181367".

Let us all unite and get the word out so we can reach more people and get them to do the same!  This is a call for ALL FANS to unite and show Libera that we are rallying behind their endeavors!

From Libera 360.

On Set With Libera (Deep Peace)

ALBUM OUT NOW: Libera return with their new album Peace. Familiar to audiences across the world, the boys have a stunningly original sound, which is at once both ancient and modern.

Spring Tour Update 4

April is coming near and we're all getting excited. I'm sure a lot of fans are trying to find updates about their upcoming tour and I found something through Inna's Blog. Thanks Inna! :)

First off is Japan Promo Video:

OMG! They're sooo adorable. How could you say no to them? hahahaha If only I could go to all their concerts I would. hahahah I wonder what their new costume looks like? LOL! (hahahaha Mini Ben!) Josh is really good looking, no wonder there are a lot of fans screaming for him. Lol! :)

Next is the line up for their Korean Tour:

Ave Verum
Far Away 
Salva Me
Agnus Dei 

Orinoco Flow
The Fountain
How Can I Keep From Singing
When A Knight Won His Spurs
Love And Mercy
Stay With Me
Deep Peace
How Shall I Sing That Majesty

OMG! What a line up! I know we're all excited to hear the 6 songs from their peace album but you know what I'm excited about? I reeeaaaaalllly want to hear MYSTERIUM, AVE VERUM and AGNUS DEI!!!!! hahahahaha Okay, I'm just a huge fan of those 3 songs, actually, you could say Mysterium is my 3rd favorite Libera song of all time after Voca Me and Always With You. hahahaha Anyhoo, I hope we can read lots of updates regarding Libera's concert in Japan and Korea, cause I know you'll hear a lot from Philippines. (ehem!) hahahaha 

PS. Anyone noticed that I Am The Day was cut?


Peace Summer Philippine Tour 3 (Ticket Update)

Best way to get LIBERA tickets is by going  to  Carte Blanche,  on the 5/F of the AIM Conference Center Manila Bldg., Benavidez cor., Trasierra Sts., Legaspi Village, Makati City and look for Suzy Mejia or Joel Andaya.  We will continue to sell tickets during business hours Monday through Friday excepting the holidays at the end of the Holy Week.  Please make sure to bring the right amount of cash since sales are on a CASH BASIS ONLY
There are two performances - a matinee at 3PM and a gala at 8PM.   Ticket prices are PHP850 for orchestra seats, PHP650 for loge seats and PHP500 for balcony seats.

There are only 450 seats per performance and Tickets (especially for the gala performance) are selling fast so come and get them while they are available.

Peace Summer Philippine Tour 2 (Ticket Details)

We are pleased to announce that during our visit to the Philippines to launch our latest album, "PEACE", we will be making a promotional appearance at the Podium on April 14, between 5pm and 7pm.

We will also do two showcase performances on
April 16 at the RCBC Plaza Carlos P Romulo Theatre at 3pm and 8pm.

Tickets for these concerts will be on a
CASH ONLY basis and will be available by calling the following numbers:
9994364275, 9063703129, 9189181367
Ticket prices are 850, 650 and 500 pesos for Orchestra, Loge and Balcony respectively. We suggest you get your tickets early to avoid missing out.

We are very excited to be singing again for you again in Manila.


Spring Tour Update 3

"To all our Japanese friends. There are still some tickets available for our concerts in Tokyo on 8th and 9th April at the Bunkamara theatre, but because few Japanese fans use facebook lots of fans may not know about our concerts. If you have blogs or Web sites perhaps you might advertise our concerts to your fellow Japanese?"

Help spread Libera love and ask your friends to reblog this or if you are Japanese, buy tickets for their concert. :)

More info about the concert can be found on my blog HERE and HERE.

For more info visit Libera Concerts.


Vote For Libera On Classical Crossover

If you are a classical music lover, one website that you might like is Classical Crossover Website. It is dedicated  for Classical artists in UK which has Artists Profiles, Album Reviews, Interviews User Charts (mainly based on the votes and ratings of the artists by fans) and Forum.

As of March 21, Libera ranked 29th on their chart (Fiona Pears ranked 14th). The editor of the Classical Crossover Site mentioned that the ratings are just for fun and for them to know whose fan base are active on their site. However, they might be conducting an award system soon which will be based on the ranking (this one is not yet clear to me) and the top 10 artists are given more coverage as rewards to the fans.

You need to REGISTER on the site before you vote for them, but one registered fan of Libera might just help them move closer to top 10, which we are aiming at least.

To Vote: (click on the stars for rating) Libera on Classical Crossover
To View full user chart: Classical Crossover Full User Chart

Note that:
***You can vote once every 2 hours and to as many artists as you want.
***Number of Votes x Average Ratings = Score


EMI Classics' Contest

Last week was a busy week for me. We had a lot of submittal that made me really out of my mind. One thing I do to unwind at times where I feel like my brains being lost to the drawings I had to do is listen to Libera music while surfing on the net about them and that's exactly what I did. As I was on my last stop before I go back to work, I made a quick stop to check updates on Libera4u and found out that the site was also contacted to have a contest. So I entered the contest but I completely forgot about it afterwards. 

Early this morning, as I am doing my usual surfing on different Libera sites, I stumbled upon a great news I found on Libera4u...

That's me!!!!!!!

And so I waited the whole day and I finally received a confirmation from EMI and they said that they are mailing the prize today straight from UK. WOOOOOW! I can not wait to receive that! :)

Familiarize Yourself With The New Kids. :)

So with the upcoming concerts and MnGs, I think it's best to familiarize ourselves with the kids right? I got these labeled pictures from Patrick and I thought of sharing it to you guys as well. :) Btw, there's still one kid whom we don't know but I'll update you on that as soon as I have info. :)

Click on the photos to view in full size. :)


Peace Summer Philippine Tour 1 (NEWS FLASH!)

News Flash: We've extended our spring tour in south east Asia to include a stop in the Philippines, where we plan to hold a concert. More details to follow...

Now, a message from Mr. Joel Andaya.  

The loyal organizers of the Libera visit have allowed me to let you in on the following:
1. Libera is scheduled to be in Manila in the Week of April 12th (immediately following their Seoul Concert);
2. They are scheduled to perform a couple of "fan-appreciation concerts" tentative venue and date;
3. They may have other appearances to promote "Peace" and "New Dawn".

Let us repay this "fan appreciation" effort of Libera by spreading the word of their visit to all possible fans and interested persons. Let us pack the venues where they make their appearances, buy copies of their albums (their are 3 albums and one DVD on shelves) and show them how much we too appreciate the attention they have given their support base here...

“WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" That was the first thing I posted when I saw this post on my wall, and that was I posted on Libera's wall. hahahahah Good thing I was sane enough to delete it cause they might think that I'm just spamming their wall. hahahaha Thank you Joel Andaya for the wonderful info you had shared with us. The tour's like 3 weeks away from now. WHO'S SUPER EXCITED? I KNOW I AM

Ps.  Mr. Joel Andaya got those info from Mr. Robert de Ocampo, the one who's responsible for Libera's visit last year. Thank you so much sir. :)

The Prayer - Official Video

Taken from the YouYube Video itself:
23 artists and a host of of talented, dedicated professionals, all donated their services and their timeto bring about the first ever "Classical Band Aid"...for one cause...HAITI. The results of their fantastic efforts - Classical Relief for Haiti "The Prayer". Special premission has been given for this video to be uploaded to this channel.

The single can be downloaded at Mail On Sunday Site haiticd at a cost of 79p per download or £3.99 incl p&p for a hard copy, please support this cause and help raise much needed funds for the people of Haiti.
We don't see more of Libera other than what we already seen from interviews of other artists such as Blake but at least they are there. Hope they could release a cd or it will be available for download on itunes as well so more people could buy the single and help Haiti as well. 

To download the Single visit HERE.
To buy the CD visit HERE.

Songs of Praise: Libera

This week on Sunday Morning
Songs of Praise:Libera
Sunday April 4 at 11:30AM

Aled Jones meets Libera - the South London 'Boy Band' who have sung for His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, and whose many fans include the Beach Boys' Brian Wilson! From classic hymns to pop, the group's high notes and heavenly harmonies have made them a global hit in both the classical and mainstream charts.


Get Your Classical Relief Recoding of 'The Prayer'!

Get your Classical Relief recording of The Prayer!  Read Original Article HERE.

Pick up The Mail on Sunday this weekend, March 14, to claim the amazing Classical Relief for Haiti recording of the beautiful aria The Prayer - and at the same time you'll be helping the children of Haiti. You will find an exclusive promotion code printed in your copy of the paper. 

The recording was made just a few weeks ago when a stunning array of classical crossover stars got together to raise money for the earthquake victims.  Paul Potts, Faryl, The Priests, Blake, Darius Campbell, Rhydian, Bond, and many more were there, singing with the glorious Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - and you can claim the sublime result today, with all profits going to the Haiti Disaster Emergency Committee. 


The project took nearly twelve hours to to record and relied heavily on the goodwill and patience of the many stars present.  'It was a mammoth project but a wonderful one to be a part of,' said Baines.  'We had fun but we all knew the real reason for doing it - to ensure the people of Haiti are not forgotten.' 

The Haiti Disaster Emergency Committee works hard to bring aid to people affected by disaster all over the world.  Since the devastating earthquake struck Haiti in January, the DEC and their partners have established 59 hospitals, supported the delivery of a two week dry food ration to 1.1million people through the UN World Food Programme, and were among those helping to provide clean water to more than 750,000 people a day.  These efforts have made a huge difference, but the need for more emergency shelter remain urgent priorities. 

You can either download a recording of The Prayer and you will be asked to donate 79p. Alternatively, if you prefer you can claim a copy of the CD which will be sent to you by post and you will be asked to donate £3.99 - a coupon for postal applications is printed in The Mail on Sunday on March 14. When you apply for this recording, you can choose to donate as much as you like to this worthy cause. 

How To Claim
To order your copy of the The Prayer on CD, just CLICK HERE where you can donate £3.99 and receive your CD in the post.
Alternatively, you can download a recording of The Prayer - just  CLICK HERE to register your details, and type in the codeword 'prayer'. Via this method, you will be asked to donate just 79p.

Terms And Conditions
Orders must be submitted by April 11, 2010. Please allow 28 days for delivery. Delivery to UK addresses only. Please note that your contract for supply of goods is with Upfront Direct Ltd. Terms and conditions on request. All offers are subject to availability. Usual Mail on Sunday promotions rules apply, CLICK HERE to view in full. 


BBC Breakfast News (The Prayer)

Blake on the BBC Breakfast News 14th March 2010, talking about the charity single "The Prayer", which is raising money for the people of Haiti. This video features Libera too. :)

Look who's there... TOOOOOOMMMMM!!!!!! hahahahaha

Here's another one. It's almost the same but this one is an interview on Blake on Sky News. You can see Ben here twice. :)


Greetings at Amazon

Just when they release a video encouring us to be a fan and buy their album on their YouTube and Facebook page, Amazon released a video with Stefan, Ralph, Kavana and Mini James. The 'older' boys where more outgoing and random while the 'younger' boys seemed much serious but still smiley. hahaha I reallo love Kavana and Ralph's smile. I do hope Stefan and Mini James could smile mooore. :)

Anyhoo, it's on their Amazon page, on the video tab, lower right corner.

Join Libera at Facebook

Libera cuties: Ben, Josh, Liam and Jonathan are asking you to....

Credits: Official Libera's YouTube

How could you even say no to these cuties? Jonathan's voice is really deep. You wouldn't suspect that he's younger than Josh. Their exchange of lines where adorable too. And Mini Ben's like, giggly on the side when the three 'older' boys where exchanging random lines. hahaha


Peace BTS

Behind the scenes for the peace album:

Any idea whose speaking voice is it? I'm guessing Josh. It's a lot deeper but the sweetness of the tone does sound like him. :)


The Prayer (Unofficial Video)

This was made by a fellow Libera fan, Cayleb. I hope you'll be inspired by watching this.

The track will be available to download from 14th March. All proceeds will go to the Disasters Emergency Committee, on behalf of the people of Haiti. The official video is said to be released some time this week.


Deep Peace

Deep Peace finally released on YouTube and EMI's facebook. :)


The Prayer

Still no video but still, many thanks to Jimmy Riddle for this:

New Album 'Peace' is Out Now!

News date: March 8th, 2010 - New album 'Peace' is out now!

The brand new album is out now. You can purchase the album online by visiting our Amazon shop. Also, to concide with the release, EMI & Virgin Classics will be releasing a video of 'Deep Peace' on their YouTube channel on Monday 8th March. Chack it around 2pm UK time.

from Libera's Official Website

More PhotoShoots. :)

Here are some pictures released. These are also part of the digital photobook. :)


Official Tracklist & Soloists

I've been working all night on my thesis stuff and just when I took a break and surfed for new news this one surprised me!


The Prayer - Lyrics & Performers

A Clasical Relief for Haiti Update


Always with You

This is off Libera but I really need to let this out.

From floods and volcano eruption in Philippines, earthquakes in Haiti and Chile and Tsunami alerts in Japan,  a lot of catastrophes are happening right now. I hope we will always remember that there is someone that is always looking up on us and guiding us through all the way. I hope all will be well and people who were devastated from the happening will find Peace and will be able to move on and start a new life. I aslo do hope that people who are fortunate would help those who are in need in any way that you can, specially through prayers.

Classical Relief for Haiti

Friday, 26 February 2010 00:02
For the very first time in the classical music world, musicians, tenors, baritones and sopranos from across the country are to join forces for a ‘Classical Band Aid' to record and release a classical single on behalf of the people of Haiti.
Some of the UK’s most successful classical artists including Britain's Got Talent stars, Paul Potts and Faryl Smith, Classical BRIT Awards nominees The Priests , Blake, Rhydian, Only Men Aloud and Camilla Kerslake and Popstar to Operastar winner Darius Campbell are some of the artists who will unite to record David Foster’s The Prayer (originally performed by Andrea Bocelliand CĂ©line Dion).
They will record the single alongside Julian Lloyd Webber, Dame Evelyn Glennie and the Royal Philharmonic orchestra at studios in London on Saturday 27th February, and the track will be available to download from 14th March. All proceeds will go to the Disasters Emergency Committee, on behalf of the people of Haiti.
Noel Vine, the producer of The Prayer said: “Throughout all this incredible process of arranging music, scoring, production, recording, the one thing at the forefront of my mind was 'why we are doing this'?  It’s easy to sit back, sing your notes, record your line, jump in your waiting warm car and speed off to your next engagement without a thought as to what you are doing.  I have to say, that every artist that I've worked with on this 'monumental first' has had the humility to say 'for one day, it’s not about me....I am doing this for Haiti'.
Britain’s Got Talent’s Paul Potts adds: “I feel privileged to be asked to be part of bringing that hope to the people of Haiti through the classical single for Haiti. Please support the single to help bring hope and relief to the people of Haiti."
The full list of artists taking part are as follows (in alphabetical order): Aled Jones, All Angels, Blake, Bond, Camilla Kerslake, Charlie Siem, Dame Evelyn Glennie, Darius Campbell, Elysium, Faryl Smith, Gardar Thor Cortez, Julian Lloyd Webber, Julian Smith, Libera, Natasha Marsh, Only Men Aloud, Operababes, Paul Potts, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Rhydian, Sara Kempe, The Priests, Wynne Evans. - Classic FM
It's really nice to know that they will be able to shre their gift of music to those who are in need. One fan suggested in the forum I am always in to have Toll lines as they sing so more people could donate. I'm sure after hearing a heartwarming performance from these artists more people will help.