Libera On MYX NEWS

This is short segment about Libera on Myx News. Just a few video clips from the Matinee show and Autograph Signing. Plus a "Thank you" clip that was not showed during their Daily Top 10 interview.

I just realized that it was Daniel who said the loud "YESses" when they were asked if they liked Tayloy Swift and Luke is nowhere to be found.


Online Ticket For Arundel Concert

We are pleased to announce that tickets for our concert at Arundel Cathedral on 15th May are now available from TicketWeb as well as the Arundel Tourist Information Office as previously announced.

Click HERE to go to TicketWeb.

Sankei Express Article

Worldwide-Loved Pure Voice Boy Soprano Group: Libera
Translated by Zasha & Mavil

South London, England based and continuing international activities, boy soprano group “Libera” released their new album “PEACE”. It’s been over 10 years since their debut. Even in Japan, “Angelic Pure Voice” continue to flood commercials and movie theme songs. Mostly female fans were excited on their much awaited concert held this month (April) in Shibuya, Tokyo. Libera founder and members asked how they maintain their good harmony and distinctive sound.


Safely Home

Photo grabbed from Libera360

After a journey of 16200 miles by land, sea and air - involving 5 airplanes, 2 ferries and 6 coaches - we have finally arrived home from our Spring tour after getting stranded at Athens by the ash from the Icelandic Volcano. 

Thank you to all our supporters for your wonderful messages of support and for your prayers and good wishes.

In particular we thank our supporters in Japan, Korea and the Philippines for your warm hospitality during the planned part of our tour, and we also thank those people we met in Greece, Italy, Switzerland and France who helped us on our journey home.

From Libera's Facebook. Posted 22 April 2010 8:33pm Manila Time.


Having A Greek Adventure

According to BBC News posted April 17 at 5:15pm:

The BBC's Malcolm Brabant at Athens Airport says: 
"After delighting audiences in Toyko, Seoul and Manila with their angelic voices, the 23 boys of the Libera school choir from South London have come down with a bump in the Greek capital, Athens.
After a fourteen hour flight from Manila, the boys, aged seven to 15, and their chaperones, found that they were stranded and likely to miss important exams back in Britain on Monday.
Robert Prizeman, the group's head, said they may travel by coach as the earliest time they had been given for flights was Friday." 
We all know about the problem of the volcanic ash going in Europe causing airlines to cancel the flight and Libera has been affected by it. I've been worrying about it since yesterday morning and I've thought several times that they should have stay in the Philippines because at least here they'll be in a much more comfortable situation but maybe they really have to go back home so soon so they took the risk. It was really nice to hear some news about them so the panic among fans would be lessen. I couldn't imagine the stress the kids and the chaperons might be feeling now. Not to mention their parents must be really really concerned right now. I just hope they could get back home safely and as soon as possible as well.

Let's all continue to pray for the safe arrival of the boys as well as their crew members. And also, all the people who are affected by the incident.

In other news, I hope some people could help Libera by going HERE and donate something to them as well as help us gain them more fans in their Facebook Account. After all the stress they're encountering now, some of us think it might be a good idea if they come home and noticed they gained another thousand fans.

The Unscheduled Stop: Libera Summer Philippine Tour Review (Part 2)

There was an autograph signing after both shows. And I’m surprised that even though they already did that last Wednesday, a lot of people still lined-up just to have something signed. (And I was one of them. Hahaha)

Here’s some few notable experience during the autograph signing for me.

The Unscheduled Stop: Libera Summer Philippine Tour Review

I've already posted this on Libera360 but I thought of posting this here as well and add some more.

The things Libera did to us and the things we do for them.
I had the privilege to attend both shows and I found both of it SMASHING!  (I watched the Matinee show in Lodge area which made me see the boys clearer and I was like a fool who’s taking down notes while they are singing. Hahaha But I really love my seat in Gala show because I’m on the 4th row which was really close to the stage. ) The show started off with UK’s National Anthem then followed by the Philippines’.
Mr. Robert de Ocampo made an opening speech, thanking all the sponsors and fans for making the event possible. He also gave a raffle of Libera collection (Eternal CD, New Dawn CD & Angel Voices DVD) to 5 lucky winners in each show. After that he introduced to us “the sound of heaven”.

Autograph Signing at the Podium (Part 2)

Click read more cause it’s gonna be long as well.

Autograph Signing at the Podium (Part 1)

Click read more cause it’s gonna be long.


Libera In MYX Daily Top Ten

Aired last April 15, 2010.

It was really nice that all of them got the chance to introduce their names individually except Luke who wasn't there. Though I hope the camera focused on James T. when he introduced his self. Anyhoo, Cassius is so adorable doing the Donald Duck voice. I still can't get over it. hahahaha On side note, I don't think they saw the videos cause the interview segment were pre-recorded then they insert the music videos when they are already playing the show.


Libera In "Showtime!"

From Libera360:

LIBERA will appear live on the show "Showtime" on ABS-CBN on Wednesday 14 April 2010.  The show will start at 10:30am and the boys should be one of the features late in the show.  They will perform and then participate in a short interview.   

We invite everyone to tune in and watch them. 

For those who want to watch you may want to try these:
Watch Pinoy TV
Pinoy Online

UPDATED with video:

Peace Summer Philippine Tour 7 (Come Meet The Boys)

From Libera360:

Come one, come all and join LIBERA at the SM Podium this Wednesday (14 Apr 2010) Afternoon (about 5PM) for the first of their public appearances in Manila, the Philippines.

The boys will not be performing at this event but will sign autographs and meet with fans.

The mechanics of the meet and greet will be similar to those of that used in the October 2009 version.  Supporters will be given numbers and may approach the tables where the boys will be seated when their numbers are called.  Purchase of one of the three albums (Peace, New Dawn, Eternal) is necessary in order to secure a number to join the queue.  

While in queue, have the opportunity to meet the boys and request for autographs.   In order to ensure the smooth flow of the queue,  supporters may take the pictures of the boys but will not be allowed to pose for individual pictures.

If you wish to gift the boys with tokens of appreciation, you may bring them to the meet and greet and present them to the boys.  Please note however that the boys have already been showered with gifts from their earlier tour stops.  Small meaningful tokens are preferable.

If you do not have tickets to their show proceed to the Carte Blanche Restaurant, 5F AIM Conference Center Benavidez cor Trasierra Sts., Legaspi Village, Makati City  (contact numbers:  0999.436.4275 / 0906.370.3129 / 0918.918.1367) or the Box Office of the Carlos P. Romulo Theater, RCBC Plaza, Salcedo Village, Makati City (contact Contact Mr. Andre Roxas 887.4941 local 111)

Please return to Libera360 frequently over the week for further announcements on the public appearances of LIBERA in Manila.

Let us make LIBERA feel the warmth of a true Philippine welcome by making sure that we are at all of their public appearances.

Be sure to join and check Libera360 daily to get exclusive updates on the Philippine Tour! :)

Peace Summer Philippine Tour 6 (Destination: Manila)

After their successful concerts in Japan and Korea, Libera will be on their way to the Philippines.

Expect to see the following in Manila:

Alex Leggett, Alfie Smart, Ben Philipp,  Carlos Rodriguez,  Cassius O'Connell-White, Daniel Fontannaz, Flynn Marks, Freddie Ingles, Henry  Barrington, Jakob Wood, James Mordaunt,  James Threadgill,  Jonathan Barrington,  Josh Madine, Kavana Crossley, Liam Connery, Luke Collins, Matthew Rangel-Alvares, Ralph Skan, Sam Leggett, Sammy Moriarty, Stefan Leadbeater, Tiarnan Branson

Come meet them at the Podium at 5PM on April 14th and hear them at one of their shows on April 16th.  

If you do not have tickets to their show proceed to the Carte Blanche Restaurant, 5F AIM Conference Center Benavidez cor Trasierra Sts., Legaspi Village, Makati City  (contact numbers:  0999.436.4275 / 0906.370.3129 / 0918.918.1367) or the Box Office of the Carlos P. Romulo Theater, RCBC Plaza, Salcedo Village, Makati City (contact Contact Mr. Andre Roxas 887.4941 local 111)

Log on to Libera360 for more info.

Spring Tour Concert

I didn't go to any of the concert but by reading various blogs and asking some Japanese fans, I think they really did great. 

Here's their song line up:

1. Adoramus
2. Libera [solo: Stefan Leadbeater and Alfie Smart]
3. Time [solo: Josh Madine & Ben Philipp
4. Sanctus [solo: Stefan Leadbeater]
5. Sanctissima [solo: Ben Philipp]
6. Ave Verum [solo: Flynn Marks with Matthew Rangel-Alvarez]
7. Far Away [solo: Ben Philipp & Ralph Skan]
8. Salva Me [solo: Stefan Leadbeater]
9. Agnus Dei [solo: Alex Leggett]
10. Exulate [solo: Ben Philipp]

20 minute intermission

1. Mysterium [solo: Stefan Leadbeater]
2. Orinoco Flow
3. The Fountain [solo: Ralph Skan]
4. How Can I Keep From Singing [solo: Sammy Moriarty]
5. When A Knight Won His Spurs [solo: Stefan Leadbeater]
6. Love And Mercy [solo: Freddie Ingles & James Mordaunt]
7. Secret [solo: Ben Philipp]
8. Stay With Me [solo: Daniel Fontannaz with Matthew Rangel-Alvarez]
9. Deep Peace [solo: Stefan Leadbeater with Sammy Moriarty]
10. How Shall I Sing That Majesty [solo: Jakob de Menezes-Wood & Stefan Leadbeater]

Anyhoo, view Inna's blog to know more about the Korea Concert. 


On Set With Libera: Album Photoshoot

Credits: Bullehynka's Youtube & EMI & Virgin Classics Facebook for the original video

It's really nice to see that the boys enjoy their photoshoot. Oh Flynn is so cute reading a book in one corner. 


Libera in Japan & Don NTV Appearance

As all of you know, Libera arrived at 3:20pm last April 6 in Japan and even though they must have been tired from the trip, all of them wore a beautiful smile when they greeted the fans who were waiting for them. Their schedule is said to be tight and as they head towards Tokyo Tower to but souvenirs (and for tour as well, I think), the camera men from NTV "DON!" were following them during them to get interviews.


Libera Arundel Catherdral Concert


We are pleased to announce that tickets for our Arundel concert on 15th May are available for £15 from: Arundel Tourist Information Office 
1-3 Crown Yard 
BN18 9JW 

Telephone: 01903 882268

Win A Set Of Libera's CD's & DVD

From Libera360:

Ten lucky winners (five from the Matinee Show and five from the Gala Show) will get a chance to win a set of Libera CD’s and DVD.  This include the albums Eternal, New Dawn and their concert  DVD in Leiden.  So for ticket holders, make sure you hold on to your ticket stubs during the show!  Good luck to everyone!

Be sure to join and check Libera360 daily to get exclusive updates on the Philippine Tour! :)


On Set With Libera (Time)

"To celebrate the release of LIBERA's new album PEACE in the US here's a little Facebook exclusive!!"
Posted by EMI & Virgin Classics' Facebook 4.5.10 around 9:00pm Manila Time


Spring Tour Update 6

The official list for Libera's staff is posted on Clubbalcony. So here it is:

Samuel Coates
Benjamin Crawley
Barbara Geraghty
Steven Geraghty
Eleanor Lewis
Paul Moss
Callum Payne
Benjamin Phillips
Benjamin Rentoul
Andy Winter

Fiona Pears has a gig together with Ian Tilley as her pianist so she wouldn't be able to join this tour. I don't know why Robert Prizeman isn't included but it's probably because he's the "director" and not a staff.

EMI Classics' Contest Prize

So I've blogged before that I won an EMI Classic contest via Libera4u Blog and after 2 weeks of waiting (it's exactly 2weeks!) I received the package straight from UK. So cool! Hahahaha It's a PEACE CD (with a sticker indicating "PROMOTIONAL COPY NOT FOR SALE" and a tube with Peace Poster (just like the cover of the cd)...but but but.... where's the signature? :( Maybe they forgot that the one I won was a signed poster... Oh well, I'm still glad to have it and at least I can attend several MnG this April so I can have it signed. This is one good way to start my week I hope it ends good as well. :) Anyhoo, THANKS EMI! :)


Peace Summer Philippine Tour 5 (Special MnG & Ticket Outlet)

From Libera 360:

Great News for the Matinee ticket holders!  Libera is cooking up a ‘Special Meet and Greet’ for the 3PM show ticket holders.  

So get your Matinee Tickets now while they are still availble and get a guaranteed oportunity to meet all 23 Libera members.

Matinée Show: 3pm
Gala Show: 8pm

Ticket price:
Orchestra: 850Php
Lodge: 650Php
Balcony: 500Php


Photo taken from RCBC Plaza Site.
A prestigious address at 6819 Ayala Avenue, Makati City, RCBC Plaza stands on an island site bounded by major thouroughfares in the Makati Central Business District. To its north runs Senator Gil Puyat Avenue (Buendia) and to its west, Ayala Avenue.

Theatre Details :
To know more about the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium please visit HERE.

For Inquiries and Ticket Reservations Contact:
9994364275, 9063703129, 9189181367 or 0906- 3703129 and 0918-9181367
or go straight to Carte Blanche,  on the 5/F of the AIM Conference Center Manila Bldg., Benavidez cor., Trasierra Sts., Legaspi Village, Makati City and look for Suzy Mejia or Joel Andaya

You may also buy tickets at the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium Box Office
RCBC Plaza, Buendia Corner Ayala Avenue, Makati City.  
Contact Mr. Andre Roxas 887.4941 local 111
Or go to the RCBC theater booth 4th Tower Two

Note that the tickets are selling really fast, so get your tickets NOW. Also, they will be only accept payments in CASH BASIS. 

For more infos don't forget to check Libera360 Website.
View the Seating Chart HERE.

Thank you! 


Spring Tour Update 5

Clubbalcony (Korean ticketing agency for Libera concert) has announced the 2010 Spring tour member list:

1.  Henry Barrington
2.  Jonathan Barrington
3.  Tiarnan Branson
4.  Luke Collins (New Member)
5.  Liam Connery
6.  Kavana Crossley
7.  Jakob De Menezes-Wood
8.  Daniel Fontannaz
9.  Frederick Ingles
10. Stefan Leadbeater
11. Alexander Leggett
12. Samuel Leggett
13. Joshua Madine
14. Flynn Marks
15. James Mordaunt
16. Samuel Moriarty
17. Cassius O’Connell-White (New member, I guess he's the mysterious kid on their photoshoot. Lol!)
18. Benedict Philipp
19. Matthew Rangel-Alvarez
20. Carlos Rodriguez Villegas
21. Ralph Skan
22. Alfredo Smart
23. James Threadgill

Too bad Mine Akpobome couldn't come. I would really love to hear and know more about this kid. Also, I was hoping that Ed Day could come this time since he wasn't able to join the Philippine tour last year, but I'm sure there's a reason for that. Tom Cully's not coming either. I heard that he's busy with his GCSE. I hope he do well on that. Non the less, I know that the kids worked really hard to be able to perform at their best so we don't need to be upset that some members aren't going to come. Instead let's cheer for those who are coming. Only 13 days before the MnG! I'm really excited!

On side note, I tried to check the site but I can't read it. hahaha Google translates doesn't help that much cause there are words that are saved as pictures/buttons so they're not translated as texts. 

Anyhoo, thanks to dearmadine for this wonderful update. :)


Peace Summer Philippine Tour 4

On behalf of Libera and of the tour organizers of their Philippines,  we would like to thank all of those who have purchased tickets to see the boys perform.  

The venue is small and all of the the seats closer to the stage than those at the October concerts last year giving you a more intimate experience of the boys angelic voices no matter where in the venue you will be seated.   Those attending the performances will have an opportunity to meet the boys after each show.
We encourage you to help spread the news of where the tickets are available. 

We would also like to remind everyone that the boys will conduct a "meet and greet" and sign autographs at the Podium at around four-thirty on 14 April 2010.  The mechanics of the meet and greet will be similar to those last October.  Copies of Libera's albums "Eternal", "New Dawn (Philippine Release)  and "Peace will be available for purchase at the event.   Tickets to the performances if still available,  will be sold at the meet and greet.  We encourage everyone to join in displaying the world-renowned Filipino hospitality and make each and every one of the boys feel the strength and sincerity of our support.  

We also encourage everyone to buy copies of "Eternal", "New Dawn (Philippine Release)  and "Peace" either for your own collection or as gifts to others that may appreciate Libera.  Whether you enjoy the music yourself or would like to share the experience with others,  your purchase will help Libera and may make supporters out of listeners when you spread the gift of their music.  
See you all on the 14th and the 16th... 

From Libera360.

Libera: PAL In Flight Concert Series

We are delighted to announce that Philippine Air Lines (PAL) has chosen Libera for its first-ever in-flight concert series. Libera will be PAL's featured artist in its in-flight audio and video programs, as well as its magazine, each month from May to October on all its domestic and international flights. We are very pleased and excited about this and thank PAL and our Philippine fans with a rousing Mabuhay!

From Libera's Facebook, April 1, 2010 3:08am Manila Time.

April Celebrants

Happy Birthday Zach and Flynn!