Peace Summer Philippine Tour 6 (Destination: Manila)

After their successful concerts in Japan and Korea, Libera will be on their way to the Philippines.

Expect to see the following in Manila:

Alex Leggett, Alfie Smart, Ben Philipp,  Carlos Rodriguez,  Cassius O'Connell-White, Daniel Fontannaz, Flynn Marks, Freddie Ingles, Henry  Barrington, Jakob Wood, James Mordaunt,  James Threadgill,  Jonathan Barrington,  Josh Madine, Kavana Crossley, Liam Connery, Luke Collins, Matthew Rangel-Alvares, Ralph Skan, Sam Leggett, Sammy Moriarty, Stefan Leadbeater, Tiarnan Branson

Come meet them at the Podium at 5PM on April 14th and hear them at one of their shows on April 16th.  

If you do not have tickets to their show proceed to the Carte Blanche Restaurant, 5F AIM Conference Center Benavidez cor Trasierra Sts., Legaspi Village, Makati City  (contact numbers:  0999.436.4275 / 0906.370.3129 / 0918.918.1367) or the Box Office of the Carlos P. Romulo Theater, RCBC Plaza, Salcedo Village, Makati City (contact Contact Mr. Andre Roxas 887.4941 local 111)

Log on to Libera360 for more info.


kuan said...

Libera is like the younger versions of The Gregorian their voices are amazing. I saw them performing in Showtime last year.

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