Spring Tour Update 5

Clubbalcony (Korean ticketing agency for Libera concert) has announced the 2010 Spring tour member list:

1.  Henry Barrington
2.  Jonathan Barrington
3.  Tiarnan Branson
4.  Luke Collins (New Member)
5.  Liam Connery
6.  Kavana Crossley
7.  Jakob De Menezes-Wood
8.  Daniel Fontannaz
9.  Frederick Ingles
10. Stefan Leadbeater
11. Alexander Leggett
12. Samuel Leggett
13. Joshua Madine
14. Flynn Marks
15. James Mordaunt
16. Samuel Moriarty
17. Cassius O’Connell-White (New member, I guess he's the mysterious kid on their photoshoot. Lol!)
18. Benedict Philipp
19. Matthew Rangel-Alvarez
20. Carlos Rodriguez Villegas
21. Ralph Skan
22. Alfredo Smart
23. James Threadgill

Too bad Mine Akpobome couldn't come. I would really love to hear and know more about this kid. Also, I was hoping that Ed Day could come this time since he wasn't able to join the Philippine tour last year, but I'm sure there's a reason for that. Tom Cully's not coming either. I heard that he's busy with his GCSE. I hope he do well on that. Non the less, I know that the kids worked really hard to be able to perform at their best so we don't need to be upset that some members aren't going to come. Instead let's cheer for those who are coming. Only 13 days before the MnG! I'm really excited!

On side note, I tried to check the site but I can't read it. hahaha Google translates doesn't help that much cause there are words that are saved as pictures/buttons so they're not translated as texts. 

Anyhoo, thanks to dearmadine for this wonderful update. :)


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