Peace Tracklist

Libera released their Official Album cover for Peace and it's mighty fine! They included the super cuties on cover. :)

From left to right: "Mini" James Mordaunt, James Treadgill, Ralph Skan, Freddie Ingles and Kavana Crossley.


I finally got over with my emo moments, and though I may be really late, I still felt an urge to blog about this one.



I was supposed to blog about Libera's new music video entitled TIME but I guess I can't find the right words.


Album & Spring Tour Update 1

Libera's new album entitled "Peace", which includes the track "O Sanctissima" with Ben Philipp on solo, will be released on March 8, 2010.

Anyhoo, regarding Libera's concert on Japan, it is said that there will be two period to purchase tickets. The first one had already ended. And the second one will be available for 30th of January to 5th of April 2010.


I have always been a fan of the song Mysterium, specially when I saw this particular video which shows Ben Crawley at his greatest (as a treble).


Libera In The Philippines (Official Video)

Ohmg! I cannot believe it! I just came back from a great meet up with Tita Thelma and Ate Romina and as soon as I opened my facebook account good news was delivered by Tita Tina!!!!!

Thank you Libera for posting your official photos in the Philippines. And what's super cool about it, is that you used the oh-so-favorite of Filipino fans, Orinoco Flow.

I loooove the first picture! It's so random and I can see how happy they were. Look at Mini Ben, it's as if you can hear him scream "waaaah" in excitement. hahaha I hope Tom was shown on the 2nd picture (the more serious one, hahahah the slideshow transcends to another picture just as Tom was already being shown.) Boo!  The lechong baboy looked yummy! hahahah I hope they liked as well as the barbeques and puso (hanging rice) of Cebu. It looks like they enjoyed the welcoming party and all that traditional dancing of tinikling. (On a side note, the girl whom Mini Ben held hands with is sooooper lucky!, Mini Ben is so amazing! Lucky you, girl! And the other girl who held the arms of JB, was it JB?, is soooper lucky. I just hoped he didn't get annoyed cause he faced the other way. hahaha ) At 1:52 of the video, I saw one of the bodyguard (the one wearing the super fitted black shirt) whom I was really thankful for noticing us at the after concert in Cebu and for making it possible to hand over the cards that I made. Thank you kuya! hahaha Mini Ben is a bit conservative and he doesn't want to show off his skin. hahaha He's wearing white undershirt while wearing their blue polo unlike other kids. Plus, I remembered on of their group shot in Mactan beach where in he's wearing a white shirt and he covered his lower body with a super long towel. hahaha I'm starting to like Mini Ben more and more. He's improved a lot and I think he's also very bubbly. :) Jakob is sooo handsome! hahaha Where and what did they sung on 3:11? Looks like they did had fun swimming in the pool, after all that's in the "paradise" Shangri-la Mactan... I think they enjoyed more on Cebu, or probably because they were able to go to the beach there unlike in Manila which is just full of buildings. hahaha

Now, I am much more excited in their new album. And also, I'm hoping that they comeback here...soon!


Facebook Update 1/3/10

As posted on Libera Facebook  January 3, 2010 around 10pm, UK Time


We are pleased to announce the release our album New Dawn in the Philippines. We have added a bonus track - Bayan Ko. We understand it is available in many major music stores and it is selling fast. We hope you enjoy it.


* Yeeay! I think they read my comment to promote it on their facebook. hahahaha :) I hope more Filipino Libera fans would buy the album. Let's make the album sales no. 1. It's really worth it! :)


I am captured.

Nabihag ako. (I am captured.)

Nabihag could mean enslaved (as used in the translation of Bayan Ko) but it could also mean captured. And boy I was captured by the goodness of their version. I have it on repeat.


New Dawn Now Available In Philippines!

I know, I know.... New Dawn was released way before the Eternal Album but it was only released in the Philippines probably days ago... (I don't exactly know the details when it was released since it was not announced publicly. Thanks to Tita Thelma for asking the record store.) Anyhoo, you know what's super cool about this album? You wanna know??? Really??? hahaha! Okay, I'm just super happy that made me write this one like a child. hahahaha

I'm gonna tease more...so click on "Read more" if you want to know the bonus track...


January Boys

Happy Birthday our to January boys! :)