I was supposed to blog about Libera's new music video entitled TIME but I guess I can't find the right words.

I already told myself from time to time to be ready to accept the fact that Libera's members are always changing, as these little kids grow into beautiful young men later on. But not seeing Tom in their new video was different for me or to all fans if I can say. He wasn't there in their Christmas greeting but so as some other kids. Almost all of them are there, but where is Tom (Flynn, and Matthew too)?

Okay, I'm listening to Libera's songs right now and my tears just came pouring as soon as I heard Tom's voice.

I guess I still need TIME to accept the truth. For now, I'm going to drown myself with Tom's voice until I find PEACE.

Ps. I'm sorry for ranting out here. This blog is supposed to be for updates but I just couldn't help myself in writing what I feel right now. Tom is my favorite. His voice made me love Libera. Of course I would freak out.


thelma l. guzman said...

i share jan's sentiments because tom has also been my favorite libera boy. much as we have to accept that our "favorites" are growing up, we still want to see them perform for the last time as "libera group" we've known since eternal & leiden..

wherever you are, tom, you will always be our best libera soloist.. and we wish you luck in whatever endeavors you have lined up for your future.. your filipino fans will continue to support you! mabuhay ka!!!

Anonymous said...

hi chix!! joanna here, if u remember.. is it true the website libera360 was suspended? i came to visit the site and couldn't open it.. i missed the conversation with you guys!!

Chix said...

Hi Joanna! The server crashed and the admin is moving the site into another server. Please bare with them. You can add LiberaThreeSixty on Facebook so that you could be updated. :)

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