Peace Tracklist

Libera released their Official Album cover for Peace and it's mighty fine! They included the super cuties on cover. :)

From left to right: "Mini" James Mordaunt, James Treadgill, Ralph Skan, Freddie Ingles and Kavana Crossley.

Here's the Unofficial Tracklist:
  1. Virugo Ave
  2. Faithful Heart
  3. Lacrymosa
  4. Time
  5. Adoro
  6. O Sanctissima
  7. Deep Peace
  8. How Shall I Sing
  9. Lead, Kindly Light
  10. Exustalte
  11. Panis Angelicus
  12. Lullaby
  13. Trees
Bonus Track:
  1. Mother of God
  2. How Can I Keep From Singing
  3. Heaven
  4. Far Away
 I got the track list HERE..

Whatever it is.... With O Sanctissima and Time around, I'm sure it's going to be a reaaally good album. Not to mention lots of Mini Ben too! hahaha I can't wait till MARCH!

Ps. Peace will be released on March 3 in JAPAN and March 8 in UK and Internationally though it may vary in some country. I really hope it will be released on March 8 in Philippines as well.


Sofia said...

I wonder if they'll re-do How Can I Keep From Singing, Mother of God, Heaven and Far Away with the new boys, or keep it the way it is.
Haha, hello Chix!
Oh and I hope that Steffan Leadbeater gets a solo. He is soooo adorable! And his voice is so high!

Chix said...

Hello Sofia. Thanks for dropping by. :)

From what I've read, this track list is taken from a Japanese site or something like that. This could be their own track list as we all know that Libera's Japanese albums are a bit different form what is being released internationally. I also read that Eternal was not released in Japan (not sure about that) but if it's true, they could have taken How Can I Keep From Singing, Mother of God and Heaven from Eternal album. And yeah, I would love to hear Stefan as well as Jakob and Daniel. They did amazing in the Phil concert.:)

Christin A. said...

Hey Chix!

This blog is really cool. I like the way you fixed the music. As soon as I entered this site, I knew I'm in Libera world. :D

I'm excited with what the new Libera boys will sing. :D This is a very simple but very angelic cover for their new album. It's really PEACE. :)

Chix said...

Hello Christin! Thanks for dropping by. :) Yeah, I'm so excited with their new album as well. I hope they could release it in Philippines as well.

Charmaine said...

hey chix,

i think they changed the date for the released of peace in UK to March 1.

Chix said...

Hi Charmaine! they moved it back to 8 again.

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