I have always been a fan of the song Mysterium, specially when I saw this particular video which shows Ben Crawley at his greatest (as a treble).

Isn't it hauntingly beautiful? Words can not express how beautiful this song is. I mean, I couldn't think of anything to write except "beautiful". hahahaha! (Okay, I'm being silly now.) Anyhoo, I also saw a clip of this song in which Tom sung the solo. And based on what I've read, Ed has been doing the solo for this song on their 2009 tour. How I wish they have sang this song during their concert here in the Philippines. I bet regardless of the soloist is, the song would be just plain awesome.

Okay, I'll stop here. The truth is, I just blog for the sake of blogging. cause  haven't updated this blog for awhile now. I hope I could write something interesting about them soon! Bye for now.

PS. Yes, I'm still Chix, the blogger behind Hello Tom Cully blog. Some might be wondering the sudden Blog Title change from "Hello Tom" to "Hello Libera". Well, let's just say that something unfortunate had happened and thus made me decided to change the title and url of this blog. But still, it doens't mean that my admiration for Tom's talent had lessen... I just decided to keep an equal track to all the members of Libera.


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