Album & Spring Tour Update 1

Libera's new album entitled "Peace", which includes the track "O Sanctissima" with Ben Philipp on solo, will be released on March 8, 2010.

Anyhoo, regarding Libera's concert on Japan, it is said that there will be two period to purchase tickets. The first one had already ended. And the second one will be available for 30th of January to 5th of April 2010.
Ticket prices are about 8000 JPY plus 500 JPY fee (don't know what it is for), it is about 65 Euro or 95 USD or 4050 Php! That's sooooooo expensive! I don't know if that's already the VIP tickets but if not, how much would it be? And to think that I've thought of asking my aunt to go to Japan. hahaha Silly me! Oh, I guess I have to wait until they come back to Philippines again, (and I'm really praying for that) or better yet, I hope next year they would have concert on Korea or Japan around April cause my aunt said that her graduation gift for me is a visit in Japan and Korea. It would be totally cool if besides touring, I'll be able to watch Libera's concert there. Libera + Japanese foods + Japanese architecture is heeeeaaaaven! hahaha Lucky lucky Japanese! (Lol! I just have to write that one cause it has been on my mind for sometime already!hahaha)

Visit Libera Concerts for more details.

Ps. I would really like to know when exactly are they going to have television appearances in Japan so I could ask my aunt to record it. hahaha So if anyone of you have an idea, please do message me. Thank you! :)


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