As I've been saying for the past month or two, I'm already doing my thesis and (hopefully) on my final year in college. Last week, we got a detailed schedule on our requirements and submissions and it's really heavy. This coming Saturday, we'll be passing our final draft on our first part of the thesis book and if it gets approved more work has to be done. I'm just saying this for the heads up. I might not be able to update this blog whenever I want to because I'll be limiting myself on a 2-hour internet use for stuffs not related on my thesis every Saturday evening only. (I've given my FB account to a friend and she already changed my password so I won't be tempted to open it from time to time. LOL) You can reach me though through TWITTER and EMAIL if you have any concerns, news or just want to wish me luck. :P

On the brighter side, of course, I won't let this blog be buried to grave (I don't know how many my readers are but I'm hoping there's a lot. hehe). I've asked my younger sister, Jelly, to take charge with this blog and update the blog whenever Libera post something (specially regarding with the US Tour). She's only 12, so you might see posts related to Jakob or someone else. hehehe PLEASE be kind to her. :)

Also, I realized that I haven't posted the original edit of the banner I've been using for couple of months already so I decided to post it here. Feel free to use it as your wallpaper but please do credit my blog if you're going to post it to another site. 


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2009 Philippine Tour Booklet

I scanned the souvenir I received from someone because I realized it wasn't posted on Dreams. I guess it's best to post it here as well. Click on the pictures to see full size. :)

I'll upload my posters and cd booklet next time. :)


Summer Tour In US

We are pleased to announce that we plan to visit the USA this Summer. We expect to perform concerts in Dallas, St Louis, Nashville, Atlanta and elsewhere in the south and midwest.

The dates for the tour are 27th July to 13th August. More information will be coming soon, including venues, exact dates and times, as well as a couple more cities. 

We are very excited at the prospect of sharing our music with long standing and more recent supporters in the US, and we look forward to making new friends too.

From Libera's Facebook and Blog
Posted at 4:10am, Manila Time

On other note, I'm really busy but I'll try to update this blog as much as I can. Sorry if I haven't been answering some emails and I haven't been in contact with some as well. Anyhoo, this is my 100th post! hahaha I'm just happy. :)


Libera's Plan in Summer

"...Libera. The last time I mentioned them, they were caught up in the volcanic ash cloud crisis, if you remember, extending their chorale pilgrimages in airportsand making BBC National News to boosts(?). 

Well, Robert Prizeman has been in touch to say they ended up going across Greece from Athens by coach then by ferry to Venice, and then 24 hours on a coach across to Calais. and the whole trip took 5 days instead of 2 hours. 

Who said the life of a chorister could be uneventful?

The volcano has not dampened their enthusiasm, rather heated it. They're off to the U.S. in the summer. 

Good on them."

Listen to it HERE on the 1:24.03. After the report, he played "Gloria".

Nothing is official unless Libera posted it on their Official Website or FB etc. but it's really nice to know that they will be having a concert in US.

I bet the US fans are excited about this. Hope to hear more news! 


Amazon Links

From Libera's Facebook:

A huge Thank You to all our supporters who use our links to Amazon. We receive a small commission on anything bought from Amazon through our links and this money goes towards our expenses.

For supporters who do not already use our links perhaps you might consider going via our website or other links whenever you purchase anything from Amazon.

To make things a bit easier here are direct links to Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com

Amazon.com - http://snipurl.com/libshopusa
Amazon.co.uk - http://snipurl.com/libshop 

For Kindle users the links work for Kindle books too - even if you are not in the USA!

Amazon Kindle Store - http://snipurl.com/libkindle 

Thank you again.....

Posted on June 6, 2010 5:25pm Manila time.


3rd Film Music Festival In Krakow, Poland

Note: This post is not related to the entire Libera but more on Stefan Leadbeater.

In contrast, last weekend Stefan Leadbeater (1L) starred as the treble soloist in a live performance of the soundtrack to ‘Lord of the Rings: Return of the King’ in front of a sold out audience of 5000 people at the Krakow International Film Festival in Poland. The critically acclaimed composer of the music for all three Lord of the Rings films, Howard Shore, was in attendance, and was very pleased with Stefan’s solo role. The film was projected onto a giant screen, and the soundtrack was synchronised and performed live by a huge symphony orchestra and massed choir. Stefan was given a fantastic ovation by the audience as he was beckoned to the podium by both the conductor and the composer at the end of the film. Taken from Trinity School Newsletter
More news about Stefan HERE.

I cannot think of anything else except... WOW! Stefan is really great. No doubt about that. :)

Anyhoo, at around 6:19 of this video you can hear Stefan being credited. I'll try to find a recording which we could actually hear him sing. :)

Thanks to lacrymosa2 and Carina from Libera Dreams for the news. :)

June Celebrants

Also a happy happy birthday to
Callum Payne 
and everyone celebrating their birthday this month!