February and March Boys

I was really busy this Feb so I haven't even changed the header and made a poster for Michael and I think i'll be busy this March too (Finals week is coming up) so I made one for Steffan in advance. hahaha :)

Libera DVD

Looks like our wish for another DVD will be fulfilled! :)

Official Tracklist

As I've said, the once I've posted before were unofficial. Now, here's the official tracklist. I got these from Amazon in which you could also here preview of the songs.
  1. O Sanctissima
  2. Time
  3. Ave Virgo (based on a theme from Mozart's Clarinet Concerto) 
  4. Faithful Heart
  5. Gaelic Blessing (Deep Peace) 
  6. Exsultate 
  7. How Shall We Sing That Majesty 
  8. Lacrymosa (based on "Aquarium" from "Carnival of the Animals")
  9. Adoro Te 
  10. Lead Kindly Light 
  11. Panis Angelicus 
  12. Touch The Sky 
  13. The Fountain (based on Prelude in C Minor)
The line up looks really good! Though I still wanted to here their version of Lullaby. I can imagine how adorable Mini James or Freddie if they'd sing that song.

Anyhoo, another way to listen to some of their songs is if you have bought any EMI opendisc. Go to this LINK and insert your opendisc on your CD-rom and it will prompt you to the song preview. :) If you don't have an account yet, it will prompt you to registration first before going to the page where in you can listen to Libera's songs under new release. :)

Enjoy everyone! :)

Photoshoot And More

I haven't updated this blog for weeks. And I haven't got much news about Libera until last night. School is crazy and I haven't been online lately. (Well, not physically online cause I'm logged in but I'm not using the computer most of the time. hahaha) Anyway, enough about me and more on Libera. :)


Calling all Filipino Libera Fans

I recently received an email from a fellow Libera fan who helps in promoting Libera to the Philippines and I though of sharing this to you.

Album & Spring Tour Update 2