Photoshoot And More

I haven't updated this blog for weeks. And I haven't got much news about Libera until last night. School is crazy and I haven't been online lately. (Well, not physically online cause I'm logged in but I'm not using the computer most of the time. hahaha) Anyway, enough about me and more on Libera. :)

I've been quite active on Libera Dreams and I really think it's a very informative fan site. I usually get all my news and update there. (Besides Libera's facebook) If you have time you might want to join there and also in 360. It's always good to have Libera love shared. :)

Anyhoo, these are the pictures for their new album. I got these form fan_de_loK from Libera Dreams and I'm super grateful to him for providing wonderful updates regularly. :)

click to enlarge it. :)

I think it's really cool that some of the pictures were candid. Their smile is so pure and innocent. hahaha Picture no2 was my wallpaper for couple of weeks already but I changed it to Picture no5. I like their serious faces and then you could see Daniel smiling with his dreamy eyes. hehehe I hope they will release a full choir picture soon. :)

Libera360 is now back! I'm really happy! :)


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