Calling all Filipino Libera Fans

I recently received an email from a fellow Libera fan who helps in promoting Libera to the Philippines and I though of sharing this to you.
I was wondering if you could help me (well Libera really) with something. 

I was wondering if you were in constant contact with other Filipino Libera fans. You see, I ran into one of the people involved in the Libera concerts in Manila last October who is also involved in actively marketing the group here in the Philippines. This person mentioned that it would be nice if fans like us would help get the albums (especially the Philippines Release of New Dawn) to go Platinum in the Philippines (That would require sales totaling thirty thousand CDs). 

A lot of the Filipinos on the site are clamoring to keep the Philippines on the Libera map. I think that having the Philippine release of New Dawn go Platinum would help that cause. 

Thanks in advance, 

So with this, I'm asking Filipino fans to buy original CD of the Philippine release of New Dawn. With no news about when the upcoming album will be released in the Philippines (and also Philippines is not listed in the countries they were planning to tour this year) I think it will be beneficial to us if we reach this goal. Help spread Libera looove! Thanks!


Christin A. said...

What?!!! We are not listed?!! Oh man! I hope their plans change when they see New Dawn go Platinum here.

Chix said...

Sorry for the super late reply. Yes, as of now, there are still no news when Peace will be released here. And I don't think they would be touring Philippines any time soon. But we could still hope, later this year or summer time!hahaha I think they will enjoy summer and the beaches here even though it would be really hot for them.

Anonymous said...

TOM CULLY HAS A MYSPACE FOR HIS OWN MUSIC http://www.myspace.com/tomcully


Chix said...

Thanks for the info. :)

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