Album & Spring Tour Update 2


Japanese release: 3 March 2010   PRE-ORDER YOUR COPY HERE
International release: 8 March 2010   PRE-ORDER YOUR COPY HERE
US release: 6 April 2010   PRE-ORDER YOUR COPY HERE
“They come from the mean streets of south London but sing like little angels.” (The Evening Standard)
The British boy band Libera have recorded their fifth CD for EMI Classics, entitled Peace. The programme comprises songs drawn from plainsong and traditional hymns, based on themes by Mozart, Saint-Saëns, César Franck and Chopin and by Robert Prizeman and John Rutter. The iTunes bonus track is Bayan Ko (My Country), a patriotic song that has become the unofficial national anthem of the Philippines. EMI Classics
Still no news on when it will be released on Philippines but I really hope soon! I can’t wait to have my own copy. And YES. Bayan Ko on iTunes bonus track. I hope lots of people could appreciate the song. :)
8 April 2010 7:30 pm at Bunkamura Theatre, Orchard Hall
9 April 2010 7:30 pm at Bunkamura Theatre, Orchard Hall
More info on Japan Concert Here and Here.
More info on Bunkamura Theater Here.
11 April 2010 8:00 pm at Sejong Center for Performing Arts
More info on South Korea Concert Here and Here.
More info on Sejong Center Here.
Libera tours are currently being arranged in Japan, South Korea, the UK and the US. Tout dates will be announced on Libera’s website when they have been confirmed. EMI Classics
They will be touring US! Let’s wait for more news about that. And while they are on tour, I hope they could be invited by Ellen on her show. Hahaha Looks like no Philippines this year. Boohoo! But I do hope they could comeback soon. :)


Charmaine said...

i hope i could see them too but i'll doubt so. The thing is that i hope they put new photos or a video promo for their new album.

Chix said...

Yeah, i do hope they post an album promo again. Just like what they did for New Dawn.

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