Libera Fans in Singapore

So basically I received a messaged from Pameline regarding the group she made and I decided to help out.

This is a call for all fans of Libera in Singapore to join the Facebook Group she had made to show the support in Libera and hopefully through that, Libera could visit Singapore as well.

The Group's Facebook Description says:

Libera in Singapore is a non-profit group created to share the liberating music of the choir, Libera! 
Also, a way to raise awareness of their music in Singapore and to hopefully bring them in for their next concert!

A silent petition to bring Libera to Singapore for their next concert! We hope to get as many fans as possible to express our hope to invite Libera over to our sunny island. 

Please support Libera and buy their original CDs, don't resort to piracy! 
Libera in Singapore is not related to Libera and all music and images belong to them.

So what are you waiting for...JOIN NOW! :)


Official USA Tour 2010 Video

Credits: OfficialLibera's YouTube

Sorry for the late post. Anyhoo, I made screencaps of the video. SO for those who want the pictures fell free to grab. :) 


USA Tour Updates

To make things sort of organized, I decided that I would link all the information in this page. This post will be updated once there are new news about Libera's US Tour. Also, to avoid repetition of mentioning the song line-up and members and staff list in the USA Tour Concert summaries that I'm making, I decided to make individual posts about them. Any changes on the soloists or song will also be updated in the main concert review page. :)

All updates are taken from Thunderhawk261, Serietah, Jayfrog, LibeLA, from Libera360; Flora, JimmyRiddle, illuminaperpetua, whitetail1985, Lauren, Lexi, Jenn and Tom413 from Libera Dreams; Fan_de_LOK and Geozed from Libera Passion; ElectroPercussive, kpmac1 for Youtube videos; and Luke Ray for some photos and all the wonderful people who have shared their experiences. I'm sorry I couldn't mention all of you.

Here are the links for the posts:

I'll try to look for more blogs, videos and pictures and update the posts. Thanks everyone! :)

Peachtree Presbyterian Church Concert

There are couple of people who shared their experience about the Atlanta concert and it's best to read it directly from there. Read what Lexi and Larry wrote on their own blogs. Some pictures are posted on Lexi's blog as well. Also, wonderful post by Bobby Kigger can be seen on his BLOG. Enjoy them. :)

Here are some fan videos:

Ps. Lauren asked Sam if he had heard a fan from Philippines named Chix and he said he thinks he's heard of me... GASSSSP! hahahaha Thanks Lauren! :)


Rest in Peace

You are one of the first people I interacted with through 360. I was really glad that I came to know you more through St. Philips. Although we’re not close as really good friends and I haven’t been in touch with you for months, I’ll surely miss you. I know you’ll do well in your new path. I’ll pray for you always.

Rest in Peace, TATOT CADAVOS.

For all who need comfort, for all those who mourn
All those whom we cherished will be reborn
All those whom we love but see no more
They are not perished, but gone before
And lie in the tender arms of he
Who died for us all to set us free
From hatred and anger and cruel tyranny
May they rest in peace, and rise in glory

All suffering and sorrow will be no more
They'll vanish like shadows at heaven's door
All anguish and grieving will one day be healed
When all of God's purpose will be revealed
Though now for a season lost from sight
The innocent slain in the blindness of right
Are now in the warmth of God's glorious light
Where they rest in peace, and rise in glory

Lord give me wisdom to comprehend
Why I survive and not my friend
And teach me compassion so I may live
All my enemies to forgive

For all who need comfort, for all who mourn
All those whom we cherished will be reborn
All those whom we love but see no more
They are not perished, but gone before
And Lord keep them safe in your embrace
And fill their souls with your good grace
For now they see you face to face
Where they rest in peace, and rise in glory 

Brentwood Church Concert Details

Lexi made a wonderful review regarding her experience during the Nashville Concert. Click here to view her BLOG. She also upload pictures which you can view HERE. More photos from Flora HERE. :)

Anyhoo, Flora said to me that she'll tell me something about Sam.... Can't wait for that. I've been looking for more picture and videos for their Nashville Concert but I haven't seen anything yet. I know someone will upload eventually so let's just wait until then. :)


The Mark Reardon Radio Interview

Listen to Mini James, Ben and Ralph's interview on the The Mark Reardon Show HERE

St. Louis Concert Details

Lexi's mom made a great review regarding the St. Louis Concert... Visit her BLOG to read it.

I'm jealous of everyone who was able to attend the concert at Basilica. The place is amazing and I'm sure so are the boys...

Anyhoo, Lexi also posted pictures of the MEET AND GREET, I must say that it looks like the boys are enjoying the tour. Just noticed that Sam is using the "Philippines" wristband, fan gave to them. It feels great the he remembers Philippines. :) Thank you for allowing me to link your blog here. :)

Anyhoo, another set of wonderful photos taken by Luke Ray can be viewed HERE and wonderful photos from St. Louis Cathedral HERE.

Just a reminder that if you will take out any pictures, it is always nice to ask the owners first and credit them. :)


Fox News Interview

Just heard from JimmyRiddle from Libera Dreams that Libera was interviewed in the FOX NEWS Morning Show. Enjoy it! :)


Fort Worth Concert

Sorry this one took long...

The second concert of Libera was held at Arborlawn Methodist Church, Fort Worth and started at around 7:30pm. JB was not present in the concert (probably sick...hope you get well soon.)

Many thanks to Thunderhawk261 for this pictures. :)

Here are some fan videos:

Credits: LibeLA143's Youtube

Credit: LibeLA143's Youtube

Credit: ElectroPercussive's YouTube

Credit: Jewels1118's YouTube

Credit: mri680's YouTube


PHPC Concert Details

With the updates from Patrick and Jenn from Libera Passion and Libera Dreams, I'm getting more and more excited. I hope to see the boys soon. hahaha

Anyhoo, I'll just give a quick update about the Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church Concert. All of these info are taken from the people mentioned above as I did not and will not be attending any of the US activities of Libera.

An hour or two after their service it is said that the staff already started to arrange the furnitures and the stage. The string players were heard while they were rehearsing. The meet and greet area was also arranged that sure brought another excitement for the fans.

The concert started at 7:30pm and as expected the concert was superb. Only few things to note, Jonathan was ill and didn't came out during the second part of the concert. Also, it is said that Henry coughed during The Fountain. Later on he was assisted by one staff to exit the stage for awhile. Patrick said that at some point, there were only 19 members on stage during When The Knight Won His Spurs. Henry came back during Stay With Me.

During the meet and greet, Josh assured to Jenn that he would not leave Libera. So fans should be really happy because of that. hehehe Jonathan wore jacket during the meet and greet. Poor boy, I hope he feels better now.

Here are some videos of the meet and greet provided by ,  and  respectively:

Credits: kpmac1's YouTube

PHPC Service

Sorry for not being able to update you guys regarding USA Tour. Anyhoo, I few hours ago, I decided to browse for some good Libera news and luckily I read that there was a live streaming of their service at PHPC around 12mn (Manila time). I rushed through my laptop at around 10pm and tried to go through the link. I panicked at first because I can't seem to load the video streaming when there's a mass going on as I've heard on the audio stream. When I realized that the 9am (or so) mass isn't available through video stream, I calmed but it didn't ease my anticipation to hear and see Libera again. I missed them so much. I also searched how I could manage to video the entire service so I could share it to you guys, but I have no luck. I did figured out how to recored through VLC but my internet connection is messed up. I was able to record half of the mass 10am mass but when it was finally Libera's sevice it did messed up. I only recorded half of Sanctus and an awful quality of How Can I Keep From Singing. Funny thing is, I was able to record the readings and the sermon part. hahahaha

Anyhoo, there were 22 boys present as well as Robert Prizeman (of course) and Fiona Pears. Patrick from the Libera French Forum who happen to attend the service mentioned that Andy W, Ian Tilley, Ben Crawley, Eleanor, Barbara and Sam Coates were there. He said he didn't saw Steven G. Maybe he's doing some preparations for the concert as he didn't saw Callum as well. Here are the 22 boys present:

Sorry for the bad quality....

The new kid... I shall name you once I knew your name... I promise. :)

And as I've promised, the new kid is Matthew Jansen. :)

Good thing Karrak57 was able to record the service. Here are the videos:

How Can I Keep From Singing (solo: Sammy Moriarty)

Sanctus (ending solo: Stefan Leadbeater)

It was my first time to record something from the internet and I messed up. I promise to do better next time.  Anyhoo, I'll post whenever I can. It's way past my bedtime. It's 3:30am already. :)


USA Tour: Song Line-Up

The song line up are as follows:

Libera/Adoramus (solos: Stefan Leadbeater and Luke Collins)

Speech by Freddie Ingles

Time (solos: Josh Madine and Ben Philipp with Ralph Skan, Alex Leggett 
& Jakob De Menezes-Wood)

Sanctus (ending solo: Stefan Leadbeater)

Sanctissima (solo: Sammy Moriarty)

Speech by Kavana Crossley

Ave Verum (solo: Carlos Rodriguez with Jakob De Menezes-Wood & Matthew Rangel-Alvarez)

Far Away (solos: Ralph Skan with Kavana Crossley)

Salva Me (solo: Stefan Leadbeater)

Speech by Ben Philipp

Agnus Dei (solo: Alex Leggett with Jakob De Menezes Wood, 
Daniel Fontannaz, Stefan Leadbeater & Ralph Skan)

Exultate (solo: Stefan Leadbeater)


Mysterium (solos: Ralph Skan and Stefan Leadbeater)


Speech by Freddie Ingles

The Fountain (solos: Ralph Skan with Ben Philipp)

How Can I Keep From Singing (solo: Sammy Moriarty)

When A Knight Won His Spurs (solo: Ralph Skan)

Love And Mercy (solos: James Mordaunt and Freddie Ingles)

Speech by Josh Madine

Deep Peace (solo: Stefan Leadbeater)

Stay With Me (solo: Daniel Fontannaz with Ralph Skan & Matthew Rangel-Alvares)

Going Home (solos: Sammy Moriarty, Daniel Fontannaz and Jakob De Menezes-Wood
with Alex Leggett & Ralph Skan )

Speech by Cassius O'Connell-White

How Shall I Sing That Majesty? (solos: Jakob De Menezes-Wood and Stefan Leadbeater)

Encore: Libera (solos: Stefan Leadbeater and Ralph Skan)

Note that "with"means those boys sang a notable part with the soloist/s or something.

USA Tour: Member and Staff List

The 22 boys present at the USA Tour are as follows:

Henry Barrington
Jonathan Barrington
Tiarnan Branson
Luke Collins
Liam Connery
Kavana Crossley
Jakob De Menezes-Wood
Daniel Fontannaz
Freddie Ingles
Matthew Jansen
Stefan Leadbeater
Alex Leggett
Sam Leggett
Josh Madine
James Mordaunt
Sammy Moriarty
Cassius O'Connell-White
Benedict Philipp
Matthew Rangel-Alvares
Carlos Rodriguez
Ralph Skan
James Threadgill

Libera Staffs are as follows:

Rober Prizeman - Musical Director and Keyboard
Fiona Pears - Violin Solos and Keyboard
Bruce Patti, Jennifer Foz, Lamas Smith, and Mary Beth Hays - Strings
Josy Lindth - Organ
Ben Crawley - Concept Producer
Ian Tilley - Sound Mixing and Production
Sam Coates - Sound Mixing
Ben Rentoul - Sound Engineering
Callum Payne and Andy Winter - Stage Management
Barbaray Geraghty, Eleanor Lewis and Tim Connery - Chaperones

August Celebrants

Also a happy happy birthday to
Sam Coates, Joe Platt and Anthony Chadney!