USA Tour Updates

To make things sort of organized, I decided that I would link all the information in this page. This post will be updated once there are new news about Libera's US Tour. Also, to avoid repetition of mentioning the song line-up and members and staff list in the USA Tour Concert summaries that I'm making, I decided to make individual posts about them. Any changes on the soloists or song will also be updated in the main concert review page. :)

All updates are taken from Thunderhawk261, Serietah, Jayfrog, LibeLA, from Libera360; Flora, JimmyRiddle, illuminaperpetua, whitetail1985, Lauren, Lexi, Jenn and Tom413 from Libera Dreams; Fan_de_LOK and Geozed from Libera Passion; ElectroPercussive, kpmac1 for Youtube videos; and Luke Ray for some photos and all the wonderful people who have shared their experiences. I'm sorry I couldn't mention all of you.

Here are the links for the posts:

I'll try to look for more blogs, videos and pictures and update the posts. Thanks everyone! :)


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