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Sorry for not being able to update you guys regarding USA Tour. Anyhoo, I few hours ago, I decided to browse for some good Libera news and luckily I read that there was a live streaming of their service at PHPC around 12mn (Manila time). I rushed through my laptop at around 10pm and tried to go through the link. I panicked at first because I can't seem to load the video streaming when there's a mass going on as I've heard on the audio stream. When I realized that the 9am (or so) mass isn't available through video stream, I calmed but it didn't ease my anticipation to hear and see Libera again. I missed them so much. I also searched how I could manage to video the entire service so I could share it to you guys, but I have no luck. I did figured out how to recored through VLC but my internet connection is messed up. I was able to record half of the mass 10am mass but when it was finally Libera's sevice it did messed up. I only recorded half of Sanctus and an awful quality of How Can I Keep From Singing. Funny thing is, I was able to record the readings and the sermon part. hahahaha

Anyhoo, there were 22 boys present as well as Robert Prizeman (of course) and Fiona Pears. Patrick from the Libera French Forum who happen to attend the service mentioned that Andy W, Ian Tilley, Ben Crawley, Eleanor, Barbara and Sam Coates were there. He said he didn't saw Steven G. Maybe he's doing some preparations for the concert as he didn't saw Callum as well. Here are the 22 boys present:

Sorry for the bad quality....

The new kid... I shall name you once I knew your name... I promise. :)

And as I've promised, the new kid is Matthew Jansen. :)

Good thing Karrak57 was able to record the service. Here are the videos:

How Can I Keep From Singing (solo: Sammy Moriarty)

Sanctus (ending solo: Stefan Leadbeater)

It was my first time to record something from the internet and I messed up. I promise to do better next time.  Anyhoo, I'll post whenever I can. It's way past my bedtime. It's 3:30am already. :)


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