Libera Fans in Singapore

So basically I received a messaged from Pameline regarding the group she made and I decided to help out.

This is a call for all fans of Libera in Singapore to join the Facebook Group she had made to show the support in Libera and hopefully through that, Libera could visit Singapore as well.

The Group's Facebook Description says:

Libera in Singapore is a non-profit group created to share the liberating music of the choir, Libera! 
Also, a way to raise awareness of their music in Singapore and to hopefully bring them in for their next concert!

A silent petition to bring Libera to Singapore for their next concert! We hope to get as many fans as possible to express our hope to invite Libera over to our sunny island. 

Please support Libera and buy their original CDs, don't resort to piracy! 
Libera in Singapore is not related to Libera and all music and images belong to them.

So what are you waiting for...JOIN NOW! :)


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