Peace Deluxe Album (CD+DVD Full Details)

CD  consists of:
Brilliant box and calendar housed in a slipcase CD 
The original Peace CD plus 5 bonus tracks.
      1. Sanctissima Solo : Benedict Philipp
      2. Time Solos : Joshua Madine & Benedict Philipp
      3. Ave Virgo Solo: Tom Cully
      4. Faithful Heart Solo : Joshua Madine Duet: Stefan Leadbeater & Daniel Fontannaz
      5. Gaelic Blessing [Deep Peace] Solos: Stefan Leadbeater & James Threadgill with Sammy Moriarty
      6. Exsulate Solo : Benedict Philipp
      7. How Shall I Sing That Majesty? Solo: Stefan Leadbeater
      8. Lacrymosa Solo : Benedict Philipp
      9. Adoro Te
      10. Lead Kindly Light Solo: Jakob De Menezes-Wood
      11. Panis Angelicus Solo: Daniel Fontannaz
      12. Touch The Sky Solo: James Mordaunt Duet: Benedict Philipp & Jakob De Menezes-Wood
      13. The Fountain Solo: Ralph Skan
      14. Lullabye [Goodnight my angel] Solo: Joshua Madine with Ben Philipp & Jakob De Menezes-Wood
* Written by Billy Joel.(Watch the original music video HERE.)
      15. Eternal Light
      16. Going Home Solo: Joshua Madine, Ben Philipp & Tom Cully
      17. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas Solo: Ralph Skan & James Mordaunt
      18. Silent Night Solo: Tom Cully & Ed Day
DVD consists of:
7 Libera Videos including
    Music Video of Time
    Music Video of Deep Peace
    Music Video of Lullabye
    Music Video of Going Home (Leiden Version)
    Music Video of Libera (Michael Horncastle and Joe Sanders-Wilde Version)
    Behind-the-scenes featurette / Libera Blog 2010
    Libera EPK/Featurette / Introducing Libera
18-Month, full colour desk calendar (January 2011 - June 2012)
6-Panel Poster 

Release dates: (You can also pre-order at the links)
Japan - November 1
UK - November 22
US - December 7

Info taken from: Coming Soon and The “Peace – Deluxe Version” is on the way! plus Libera Dreams

You can also listen to the previews at Amazon.


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