Thank You! :)

This post is dedicate to Lexi and her mom Lauren.

I'm sorry it took me this long before I could dedicate a post for you two. Thank you so much for the package that you sent me. I really didn't expect to get some goodies from a concert that I never attended.

After a week of delay, the post office here finally delivered the note that I could claim the package already. Unfortunately I was out of town that time and when I finally arrived home I had lots of things to do. I had to wait 2 more weeks until my schedule cleared a little before I could go to the post office to claim the package. It was actually weird because the note that was sent to me had something written "subject to inspection" but when I came there, they just looked for my identifacation card, had me sign something then gave the package. They didn't even bother to inspect it. hahahah Anyhoo, I was so excited to open it that I didn't bother to care for the other people looking at me in the Jeepney as I was opening it with a huge smile on my face.hahaha When I arrived home, I boast the package to my whole family (who all are a huge Libera fans as well). I told them to handle it with care. hahaha Now, it's carefully placed on my study table along with my other Libera stuffs. (I'm planning to dedicate a space just for my Libera collection. Hopefully I could do that by summer.)

Anyhoo, I didn't expect to get more the Atlanta Program. Also, the first steps booklet helped me a lot. I was really down and stressed during those times and reading it somehow made me find my way back again. :)

Again, thank you so much!



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