Lullabye Music Video

Credit: OfficialLibera's Youtube

I'm sure all of you have seen this, but I'm gonna put it here anyway. When I saw this video, I had mixed feelings with it. I was shocked to see Josh do the solo part, yet very happy to know it was him. (Josh, you grew up into a fine young man. You were very handsome in this video even though you have ashes on your nose.) Also, I understand the whole concept of the video but I was hoping to see all of them (well specially my biases, Sam and Jakob). Anyhoo, besides that, the whole video left a very odd feeling in me even until now when I've watched over 10 times already. It's sad because we all know that it somehow relates to history where in young kids where drafted in military but the whole black outfit of the lady plus the ghostly shots really gave me goosebumps. Though I must admit that I cried buckets while watching this video and I bet that there are others like me as well. 

Anyhoo, I did a screencap of the video. Feel free to use it. (It was kind of hard because all of Josh's shots were really good so it was hard to decide what to upload. hahaha)

 (Sleeping Carlos and Cassius are soo adorable)

 (I bet Luke and Matthew looks good on tie. And I hope we can see a clear shot of Ben in this one.)

 (Sooo saaaad.)

On side note, there was some sort of debate (well kind of) about mystery boys in the video and here's my two cents in it:

The eyes and the nose gave it away. :)

The second picture was quite tricky. It could be Mini James but he wasn't wearing any helmet on his close up shot which clearly the boy on the right does. I'm just sure that it's one of the younger ones, standing on the bed, wearing a helmet and military jacket over nightgown as shown at the left picture. 


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