Libera has been part of the "The Nutcracker" with the song "Walts of the Snowflakes" along side with Simon Rattle and Berlin Orchestra.

You can view the album details HERE

Libera also did an interview promoting The Nutcracker. Kavana's really talkative as usual while Ben's unusually silent. And look how Ralph tries to insert a green joke. hahaha

On side note, you can listen to Waltz of the Snowflakes HERE and also watch the ballet sequence on their song HERE.


Keekii said...

Hello there. I like your blog! I love to discover new libera blogs, and found yours through Lexi's blog ^^

I'm still a "newbie" fan (discovered Libera December 1, 2010), but I love Libera SO much!

Well on to the subject, I just wanted to ask you about the ballet video, whether or not it's Libera that sings in it? Unfortunately the audio clip is no longer available.

Chix said...

Sorry for the super late reply. Who doesn't love Libera? hehehe It was not Libera on the ballet video but that is the same song that they have sung. :)

By the way I have a list of other blogs on my pages. :)

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