USA Tour: Member and Staff List

The 22 boys present at the USA Tour are as follows:

Henry Barrington
Jonathan Barrington
Tiarnan Branson
Luke Collins
Liam Connery
Kavana Crossley
Jakob De Menezes-Wood
Daniel Fontannaz
Freddie Ingles
Matthew Jansen
Stefan Leadbeater
Alex Leggett
Sam Leggett
Josh Madine
James Mordaunt
Sammy Moriarty
Cassius O'Connell-White
Benedict Philipp
Matthew Rangel-Alvares
Carlos Rodriguez
Ralph Skan
James Threadgill

Libera Staffs are as follows:

Rober Prizeman - Musical Director and Keyboard
Fiona Pears - Violin Solos and Keyboard
Bruce Patti, Jennifer Foz, Lamas Smith, and Mary Beth Hays - Strings
Josy Lindth - Organ
Ben Crawley - Concept Producer
Ian Tilley - Sound Mixing and Production
Sam Coates - Sound Mixing
Ben Rentoul - Sound Engineering
Callum Payne and Andy Winter - Stage Management
Barbaray Geraghty, Eleanor Lewis and Tim Connery - Chaperones


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