New Dawn Now Available In Philippines!

I know, I know.... New Dawn was released way before the Eternal Album but it was only released in the Philippines probably days ago... (I don't exactly know the details when it was released since it was not announced publicly. Thanks to Tita Thelma for asking the record store.) Anyhoo, you know what's super cool about this album? You wanna know??? Really??? hahaha! Okay, I'm just super happy that made me write this one like a child. hahahaha

I'm gonna tease more...so click on "Read more" if you want to know the bonus track...

Yes! You got that right. It says: Featuring the stunningly mesmerizing rendition of the immortal classic "Bayan Ko" by the chart topping London Boys' Choir, Libera. Oh, and all along I thought a Filipino composer/arranger did the arrangements for Bayan Ko but I was wrong. It was arrange by Rober Prizeman, assisted by Sam Coates and Steven Geragthy and produced by Ian Tilley and Robert Prizeman.

Anyhoo, here's the complete tracklist:
Orinoco Flow
Ave Maria (Caccini) [solo: Tom Cully]
Secret [solo: Joshua Madine with Tom Cully]
Air (Bach, In G String) [solo: Tom Cully, Ed Day, Joshua Madine and Liam Connery]
Sancte [solo: Liam Connery]
Rest in Peace [solo: Tom Cully]
Love And Mercy [solo: Tom Cully and Joshua Madine with Sam Leggett]
May The Road Rise Up [solo: Tom Cully]
Never Be Alone [solo: Tom Cully and Joshua Madine with Joe Snelling]
Jerusalem [solo: Ben Philipp]
Tallis Canon (Glory To Thee) [solo: Ed Day]
The Lamb [solo: Ben Philipp]
In Paradisum [solo: Ed Day]
Bonus: Bayan Ko [solo: Ben Philipp]

The Japanese version got Heaven (Remix) [solo: Joshua Madine and Liam Connery] while the Philippine version got Bayan Ko. :) Thanks Libera for the awesome treat and super thanks to Tita Thelma for informing us and for the pics! Can't wait to go to the mall and have my own copy! :)


tanya said...

This is totally amazing! Imma go buy one right now! :D By the way, how much is it? Is the price the same as their Eternal album? =/

Chix said...

hello tanya! thanks for dropping by! :)

sorry for the super late reply. it's only 395php. much cheaper than eternal but fewer songs. hahah :)

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