Libera in Japan & Don NTV Appearance

As all of you know, Libera arrived at 3:20pm last April 6 in Japan and even though they must have been tired from the trip, all of them wore a beautiful smile when they greeted the fans who were waiting for them. Their schedule is said to be tight and as they head towards Tokyo Tower to but souvenirs (and for tour as well, I think), the camera men from NTV "DON!" were following them during them to get interviews.

More photos can be seen HERE.
The following day, Libera made a guest appearnce on NTV "DON!". Nine of them were there namely: Kavana, James T, Jakob, Josh, Stefan, Daniel, James M., Ben P. and Ralph. The first part of their whole stay is a video introduction about Libera showing all their achievements/visits in Japan. For the second part, Ben and Ralph shared a duet in Far Away. I never imagined Far Away to be sung as a duet but it works pretty well. I love Ben's voice now because I think it's much more matured compared to the previous year and I was surprised by Ralph vocal quality. His voice seemed different in "The Fountain", it was much more rounder and   the low notes were fuller. But I still liked his vocal quality in Far Away and it complimented Ben's voice that made the duet worked out so well. After they sang, they were interviewed, sang a bit of Ponyo and Daniel did a bit of vocal exercise. Anyhoo, just watch the clips here:

Thank you to fan_de_LoK for capturing the video and for lacytanaka and smallerpicture uploading it on Youtube. :)

I got these info from EMIMUSIC JAPAN and Libera Dreams.


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