Autograph Signing at the Podium (Part 2)

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• While waiting for my turn, I noticed Big Ben placed a video cam in between Ralph and Carlos, he the plead to Big Ben to place the camera after so that he would be included in the video. hehehe

The security was strict on Josh’s side. I didn’t have the chance to have a conversation with him. I only noticed one thing, his hand’s really huge! Hehehe
Flynn wasn't as lively as last year... Perhaps a little tired? But his face lits up whenever someone with greet him belated happy birthday! :)

Most of the time in which Mini James wasn’t signing, his pen is place on his chin.

Sammy was in a really good mood. He kept his smile on his face and was conversing with people.
When I was in front of Cassius, I noticed how adorable he was. I really want to pinch his cheeks. Lol! Hahaha I said to him “Hey Cassius! It’s Cassius right?” and he replied “Yes you are (right)!” in a really excited tone. I asked him if he’s enjoying Philippines, in which he nodded continuously. Hahaha

 • My conversation with Ben was the most exciting and most memorable one, I told him something and he didn’t get what I said. I repeated to him but that made him think harder. Cassius then interrupted us and made Ben remember what I was saying and then when he finally got it, he extended his arms wide open to me and said sorry. Grabbed my hand and said sorry around 4 times while shaking it and thanked me over and over. Hahaha I was the one who told him goodbye because I noticed that I was already far from the person in front of me and the people behind me were already waiting. Hahaha

Matthew and Carlos were very soft spoken but they are really cute! And I really love Matthew’s accent. It sounds very elegant. At some point Matthew seemed a little curious about the thing I've said to Ben. Hahaha

As usual Ralph was very enthusiastic to fans and very welcoming.
Alfie is in a really good mood that day. Unlike last year in which he might not be feeling well, this year Alfie is smiling and was also very welcoming.

And lastly, the cutely James. He was much quieter this year than last year but he’s still very charming. I really like to pinch his rosy cheeks. Hehehe
After I’ve signed the cds I roamed around the Podium. I saw some friends that wanted to get Callum’s signature and picture. As we were introduced to Callum, he said that he remembered me. Yay! Hahaha My brother and cousins also asked for a picture which he kindly agreed to.

Anyhoo, I roamed a little more to see if I could get Big Ben’s signature. Unfortunately, whenever I see him he would be tottally opposite my direction or on his way to do something important. I said to myself, I’ll definitely have a picture with him in the concert! Hahaha

Before they leave the Podium, Ben made a speech inviting people to watch their concert using his trademark words “It’s gonna be SMASHING!” hahaha

The boys were much more fun when you know their names. Their response is much livelier than only greeting them with “Hi/Hello”.

This  really is one great of an experience. Thank you boys!


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