The Unscheduled Stop: Libera Summer Philippine Tour Review (Part 2)

There was an autograph signing after both shows. And I’m surprised that even though they already did that last Wednesday, a lot of people still lined-up just to have something signed. (And I was one of them. Hahaha)

Here’s some few notable experience during the autograph signing for me.

During the Matinée show: (you can view the video Jon recorded at 360)

* I got to shook all their hands again during the Matinee show. And I noticed how some of them have an awful ink blots on their hands.

* Kavana drew a stick figure and Freddie his usually “smiley” drawing on the table cloth! It was funny but I really pity those who had to clean it. [And some fan’s wrote Josh name on the table cloth as well. Tsk Tsk!]

Freddie is really serious in signing.
Stefan made a mistake in signing and look at his adorable expression! Hahahaha

* Joel said something to Josh that made Sam laugh hard and I made a soft “aww cute” but apparently Alex heard that so it was a bit embarrassing. Hahaha Sam really found it funny but Josh seemed not thrilled about it. Hahaha

* I asked Cassius to do his “Donald Duck” voice again and he did! On top of that, he made few “meows” which were really cute! Hahaha

* I finally got my picture with Big Ben! And he remembered me! hahaha Funny thing about the whole time we were posing was the camera was set to video. hahaha So when Joel realized it I was really really embarrassed. Good thing Ben agreed for another shot. This time I made it sure that it was on "photo" mode.

More pics of the boys: (Shot by Jon who was in front of me)










During the Gala show:

Note that this video was shot by my sister so some of the things I've talked about was not captured.

* Mini Ben has something written on his palm. Was it a lyrics or his speech? I really don't know. hahaha (Photo grabbed from Mitch Young)
* While signing the cd I gave to Liam, he was saying “Thank you for..”  looks up to me and I said “it was nice to watch both shows” and he said “I remember you even from the other day.” and continued what he was about to say at first. Hahaha

* I told Kavana that I really enjoyed watching him sing which made him really happy. I also complimented his “drawing” and he laughed, covered it and signalled “shhh” to me. Hahahah

* I finally told Jakob that my sister really likes him but he was too shy to acknowledge it.. Aww!
* My aunt and I sang “SAAAAAAAAM” in our own harmony which made Alex and Josh laugh. Hahaha After that my aunt said “We love you” which made Josh said “Wow”.hahaha

* Someone gave Stefan a chocolate or something, he seemed really curious (or more like wanting to eat already) as he was looking to that bar. hahaha

* We went in front of Jakob and Kavana and they gave us a thumps up! :)

* After we got our cds signed my whole family just spread over the line to get a good view of the boys and capture it. I went where my brother was standing (which was in front of Sam and Josh) and I screamed “Sam”, pointed him the camera in which he posed for a picture. I walked again and noticed my cousin in front of Alfie and screamed “Sam” once more, in which Sam responded and posed for a picture. I went on the other side and saw my Aunt and sister in front of Daniel and Jakob and we three sang “SAM” in tune of Sanctus in which he replied “It’s you again” and laughed. Hahaha My mom said he noticed Sam poke Josh and said "See they love me". hahaha My aunt is a huge Sam fan and because I weren’t able to take good pictures of him during the autograph signing last Wednesday, I promised to dedicate my whole attention to Sam, and all that happened.

All in all, the shows and autograph signing were [INCLUDE ALL ADJECTIVES BEN COULD EVER THINK OF HERE.] hahahaha


Inna said...

oooh you got another winning photo! Matthew smiling AND looking at the camera at the same time :D

Chix said...

Hahaha He's so cute, specially when he said his name during the MYX interview. :)

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