The Unscheduled Stop: Libera Summer Philippine Tour Review

I've already posted this on Libera360 but I thought of posting this here as well and add some more.

The things Libera did to us and the things we do for them.
I had the privilege to attend both shows and I found both of it SMASHING!  (I watched the Matinee show in Lodge area which made me see the boys clearer and I was like a fool who’s taking down notes while they are singing. Hahaha But I really love my seat in Gala show because I’m on the 4th row which was really close to the stage. ) The show started off with UK’s National Anthem then followed by the Philippines’.
Mr. Robert de Ocampo made an opening speech, thanking all the sponsors and fans for making the event possible. He also gave a raffle of Libera collection (Eternal CD, New Dawn CD & Angel Voices DVD) to 5 lucky winners in each show. After that he introduced to us “the sound of heaven”.
1-2.  Adoramus / Libera
The show started off with Stefan standing in a platform and singing “Are you the friend I cannot see? Are you the one who cares for me? Are you my hope of liberty? Are you the door, are you the key?” in a capella and did a ghostly sound of “Ahhhh” before the other members appeared and formed two lines and sang Adoramus. The transition between Libera to Adaramus and back to Libera again was really good. In Libera, the boys changed position leaving Stefan and Alfie opposite each other while singing the verse part. The song ended with Stefan doing the descant part of Libera. I literally had goose bumps when I heard him sing.
Speech 1
Josh made a little speech telling everyone that they were really glad to be in the Philippines. He also thanked everyone for the support and told the viewers that it would be only a short show as they will only be promoting their new album, PEACE, and their first song to sing was “Time”.
3. Time
The group divided into three. The middle group only have Ralph and Alex with Josh at the center front and Ben elevated on the platform at the back of the stage. When Josh, Alex and Ralph started to sing the verse, Josh slowly walks backwards to be in line with the other two. Jakob did Ed and Josh’s “Ahhh” parts and he did it really well. Steven was playing Clarinet in this song.
4. Sanctus
One of the familiar songs. Steven also played clarinet in this song, replacing Fiona’s violin. Stefan did a good job in the ending “Sanctus”.
5. Sanctissima
The boys divided in to two lines where in the front line kneeled the entire song. I can clearly hear Kavana and Sam’s low notes in this song. 
Speech 2
Sammy made a short speech telling everyone that they were on their 2-week tour. He also told everyone that they prepared really well for the concert and that they just couldn’t copy the people beside them. He also mentioned how the big people help the little people and then the really big people, who were in their position a few years ago, helping everyone. He added that it's a great system and it works. [Thanks to phlibera for reminding me this.]
6. Exultate
Exultate received one of the loudest applause during the Gala show. Steven also played his clarinet here. It was really fun listening and watching them perform this song. Ben as well as Daniel and Stefan (when they joined in the second verse) did really good. And their actions (specially the huge steps forward, backward and even sideward to some notable parts) were really energetic. [I was holding back from popping out on my seat and dance with that song. Hahaha] 
7. Deep Peace
Stefan did his solo at the beginning. During the second verse, I was expecting James T. To do his solo but the entire sang instead. None the less, this performance was indeed peaceful.
8. Orinoco Flow
A familiar sound enter. They crowd in the Gala show cheered after identifying that it was Orinoco Flow. The “Turn it up Adieu” part was sung by Josh, Jakob, Daniel and Ben. 
Speech 3
Freddie told that the last song was Orinoco Flow and that the song is about beautiful places in the world and that out of all the places mentioned, they only have been to Cebu. They said that they really enjoyed the ocean and swimming in the fish. And ended with something like “Too bad that Liam was bitten by a jelly fish, but it's okay cause he got better and the jelly fish said sorry.”
9. The Fountain
I cannot find words to explain how this song went but I can only say that Ralph did it A-MAZINGLY! While singing the first part they were in semi circle form. Then Ben and Ralph started walking towards the center when they sang "Dolorosa, flumenosa, plorota". Ben sang the higher harmony with Ralph.
10. Love and Mercy
Mini James sang Tom’s solo in this song while Freddie did Josh’s. Daniel harmonized with the two kids during the second verse while Stefan did the descant of the song. A lot of people got confused during the last “Mercy and Love” cause Mini James’ mouth opening while singing that part was really small. All through out that song I was thinking how adorable those kids were! Hehehe [Ps. I really love how Sam still owns his “solo” part in the refrain of this song.]
Speech 4
Ben made the final speech telling they are already going to sing their last song. During the Matinee show, he told everyone that they love it in the Philippines and they love the fans.  [I’m surprised no one shouted I love you too back. Hehehe] Ben made several adorable bloopers during his spiel in the Gala Show. He forgot the title of their last song and only remembered it after few of us laughed. As he was about to say his final words his mic was turned off which made him felt a little awkward (but giggly at the same time). His mic was turned on again and said “Maraming, maraming salamat!” (Thank you very very much!) and proceeded to the next song.
11. How Shall I Sing For That Majesty
The song started of with Jakob followed by Stefan. The crowed responded with loud cheers and screamed “more” after the majestic ending.
Encore: Bayan Ko
Libera and Mr. Prizeman catered the fans request for “More!” and performed the ever popular “Bayan Ko”. Even though I’ve already heard it on Cabu concert last year, and several times in my cd (and in Showtime) I still had goose bumps until the last note ended. Of course the crowd gave them a standing ovation.

Side notes regarding the shows:
*Steven is really really talented. One moment he’s playing piano then on the next song he’s playing the clarinet. Hehehe
* Cassius and Luke were missing in Orinoco Flow, Love And Mercy and How Shall I Sing That Majesty. I guess they were still learning the songs. (I'm not really sure if they were there during The Fountain since I was immersed by Ralph's lovely voice.)
*I really enjoyed watching Kavana sing. His body movements were eye-catching that half of the time I was only fixed on watching him and the boys near him. That's on both shows! Hahaha And oh, Kavana’s really good. I can clearly hear his voice from my seat during the Gala show and it’s amazing how he goes in credibly high on some songs and do lower parts on the others. 
* At some point during the MatinĂ©e show I saw Sam eying me. You know the thing where in they focus their eye to one people while singing, well apparently I think Sam focused his on mine during the MatinĂ©e show. I moved a little and I saw his eyes follow. During the part were he isn't singing, I gave him a quick wave (not an obvious one of course) in which he replied with a smile.
* Mini James seemed a little lost in some of the position. He was a bit too far from the other members.
* Freddie had an itch during Love and Mercy until the show ended. He was so cute trying to scratch his legs while hoping nobody could see him.
* On the Matinee show, Freddie wasn’t prepared when the light opened as they were about to sing How Shall I Sing. On the other hand, during the Gala show, Ben was the one who was caught unprepared when the light turned on. Maybe he still couldn’t get over with the bloopers he made during his speech as he was still wearing his huge smile.
* Cassius and Luke missed a word-two during the Bayan Ko performance. But it was okay and I really want to give props to them for trying to sing in Tagalog.


Jennifer said...

Hi CHix , after read how you described the show , I really really hope that I can be there at that time ^_^

Chix said...

Hi Jennifer! Thanks for dropping by my blog. I hope you could watch them next time. It's really worth it. :)

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