Autograph Signing at the Podium (Part 1)

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It really is a great experience for me. Not only because I got autographs of the boys but I got to talk to them now. Last year, I only talked with few boys but this time I had the chance to converse and shook hands with each of them. Also, I gained lots of friends and now, I somehow had an idea what my usual chat mates in 360 looks like. Hehe

I didn’t take any pictures (but my sister did) because I think it’s only a hassle and would lessen your time to converse with them so I just let my sister do that. (In any way, I could have just ask someone to share his/her pics with me.hahaha) Sorry for the bad pictures, btw. The lighting in the venue is really bad, I had to edit the pictures cause the older boys looked like their Avatars and the younger boys looked like their Smurfs in most of the pictures. hahaha

Here are some of things I remember:

We arrived at the venue around 2:30 pm which was quite early because the event started a little bit passed 5. While waiting, I saw some familiar faces and have been introduced to new ones. Then we took a lot of pictures together. (That must have been how celebrities feel. Lol!)

The boys walked in our side which was the opposite where they walked last year. (Good seats! Hahaha)
The boys were separated in two batches and were seated alphabetically. So the first batch consists of Barrington’s up to the Leggett’s and the second batch consists of Madine up to Threadgill.
It was the same security as last years. One of the security guards (the one whom we had a little chit chat before) remembered me and my dad.

I didn’t know that the girl in front of me was already finished in her turn with the Barrington’s so I was caught unprepared. I was immersed in making a conversation with them that i forgot to turn on my camera to video the whole thing.

Tiarnan responds to questions really well. I think he’s one of the shy types but he’s smart.
My conversation with Liam was somewhat funny. After our hellos, I told him that I have a friend from Malaysia, named Charmaine that says hello to him. He stared for a while then said something like “Cool, I have fans in Malaysia, thanks!“

Luke looks like my little cousin! Oh my, he’s so adorable and the way he smile makes you want to say “AWWW CUTE!” hahaha His face lit up when I said his name. Really cute!
By the time I was between Liam and Luke, I realized that I never got the chance to open my cell phone to record a video. I was about to open it when my eyes met Kavana’s. He quickly changed his mood from being bored to bubbly, extended his hand and said “Hello, how are you?” in which I responded “Wasn’t I the one who’s supposed to ask you that?” then we both laughed. I also asked him how he is enjoying Philippines and he went on to something like this... “It’s good. Well no, it’s really good. I really had a lot fun here and enjoy everything and I really... (Didn’t hear that one well but it was a compliment as well)” If I would choose one member to have a long conversation with, it would probably Ben or Kavana. hahaha

Jakob was already waiting for me by the time I got in front of him. I felt a bit shy cause I made him wait that made me forgot to tell him that my sister has a huge crush on him. Hahaha
I noticed that Daniel is also one of the kids who never failed to smile. He’s also very welcoming despite the fact that I made him wait as well. Hahaha

Freddie is so cute and Stefan’s really handsome. Hehe I didn’t get the chance to talk to them but I want a Mini Freddie (that I could put on my pocket) and I also want to pinch Stefan’s cheeks. It’s so red! Hahaha

I didn’t have much time to talk to Alex and Sam. Boo! Instead, we stayed at the side and screamed “Sam” from time to time in which Sam responded with smiles and waves.

After I got my cds & poster signed by the first batch I strolled around to see my luck if I could have a picture with Big Ben (since some of people said they had pictures taken with him) but he was nowhere to be found and I saw Callum instead. I quickly grabbed my poster and pen and asked for his signature and picture. I was about to go already when he reached for me and borrowed my pen. He was like saying sorry (in a way) every time he had to uses it again. My sister also got a picture with Callum and Big Ben. UGH. I hate her. lol!


thelma l. guzman said...

i got one over all of you - - - barbara's signature!!! LOL

Charmaine said...

aww! thx for posting this and your promise to say hi to liam for me. btw, abt fb, i dunno wat's the reason why you can't response my msg but plz let me know when you will edit my header. my apologies for asking too many times. ryl super sorry.

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