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Worldwide-Loved Pure Voice Boy Soprano Group: Libera
Translated by Zasha & Mavil

South London, England based and continuing international activities, boy soprano group “Libera” released their new album “PEACE”. It’s been over 10 years since their debut. Even in Japan, “Angelic Pure Voice” continue to flood commercials and movie theme songs. Mostly female fans were excited on their much awaited concert held this month (April) in Shibuya, Tokyo. Libera founder and members asked how they maintain their good harmony and distinctive sound.

Regarding Celebration and Graduation in Voice:
Libera boys ages 7~14 years old. The voice change is considered as meeting their “Graduation” and they get new kids. Since 1999-present, they change members. Boys who broke their voices are replaced by a new one, and those who have still clear or good tone remain.

Libera’s founder and producer Robert Prizeman said, “New comers learn the words and train them to imitate our seniors ‘ way of singing, so younger players will inherit ‘Libera’s’ good harmony and distinctive sound.”

Regarding Diverse Repertoire:
Aside from their original songs, Libera also sing a wide range of classical and religious music. They also participated in albums of renowned artists like Elton John, Bjork, and Pavarotti. They even sung in front of former US President George Bush.

Their popularity in Japan soared when their song “Far Away” was used as the theme song of NHK drama “Ice Wall”. This song became a topic again when it was used as the commercial song for PANASONIC “VIERA”, beginning September 2009 until January 2010.

Member Josh (15) said, “Libera’s charm is that their songs encompass different genres. So I think people around the world can listen to them regardless of their nationality or language.”

In entering Libera, besides auditions, recommendations were also received from local school teachers of South London. Participating for 4 years, Ralph (11) was anticipated for his singing voice by his school teachers. “Shall I try to enter Libera?” he said and this initiates recommendations to Libera. “I try to enter with great interest, since I feel it suited me. I enjoy singing and substantial time with my friends,” and smiles.

The Japanese edition of the new album, has 16 tracks which includes “Far Away”, “Touch the sky”, and “Ave Virgo”, the second movement of Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto. The title “Peace” is in accordance to the peaceful feeling that their performance give.

Their singing voice is praised as “Pure voice of angels” that is perfectly represented when you watch them in their white stage costumes on their concerts. “We are not doing a forced ‘Angel’ image. To the end, we place importance to the natural voice of the children.” producer Robert Prizeman said. “I want to do something enjoyable for the kids from now on and I will be happy if we open up new areas as a result.”

Regarding LIBERA:
Libera is previously known as “The St. Philips Boys Choir”. Their debut album Libera was released in 1999. Their third album, “Free”, acquired the number 1 spot in the Japanese classic chart in 2005. It was also number 1 in USA, UK, and South Korea the same year. Popular photo collection was first released in Japan. They also sang the main theme for films “Hannibal” and “The Merchant of Venice” and the theme song for the Japanese film “Nobody To Watch Over Me”.


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