Libera On MYX NEWS

This is short segment about Libera on Myx News. Just a few video clips from the Matinee show and Autograph Signing. Plus a "Thank you" clip that was not showed during their Daily Top 10 interview.

I just realized that it was Daniel who said the loud "YESses" when they were asked if they liked Tayloy Swift and Luke is nowhere to be found.


Kim said...

Hi Chix! Thanks for putting up the link to this! I wasn't able to watch any of their segments on Myx, and this is definitely easier than wading through all the videos on youtube... ^^;;

BTW, I emailed you about sending some mp3s of my favorite boy choristers and choirs, but I'm only sending them if you say that you're, ahem, OK with me sending them...



Chix said...

Thanks Kim, and sorry for the late reply. :)

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