Okay, so forget about the title cause my head's not working. hahahaha

Just wanna share a short story about Libera's rising fame in the Philippines. Last week my aunt was listening to one of the famous radio shows while driving her car and the DJs were talking about the "TWEENERS" way of showing affection to their favorite stars. The topic actually started because they were talking about Justin Bieber's recent concert cancellation. Anyhoo, so they were talking about the tweeners fan affection and one of the DJ mentioned that she went to The Podium last April 14th and she was surprised that there were alot of tweenies waiting for the South London boys' choir and some of them were actually screaming when the boys walked in the place. She even mentioned that she was surprised when she found out that the fans know the photographer's name as well. hahaha The DJ might not know that the photographer were actually formers of Libera (Callum and Big Ben) and that the fans are not only composed of female tweeners but people from different ages as well. Talk about extra air-time. :)

On other news, I just learned from Kjec and Dale that Libera is topping the music chart in different Record stores. In Astrovision at San Juan, Libera's Peace ranked 3rd, New Dawn ranked 6th and Eternal ranked 11th on their Weekly Top Sellers. Anyhoo, in Trinoma Libera's New Dawn is at number 3, Peace at number 6 and Eternal at number 9. (These posts were made last week so it probably change now.) And I just found out that New Dawn ranked 3rd last January in Music One Top Charts. That's really good! I hope sales continue to sky rocket so next time they'll come here, they wouldn't just perform for us but we can also give them Gold or Platinum award/s. 


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