Spring Tour Concert

I didn't go to any of the concert but by reading various blogs and asking some Japanese fans, I think they really did great. 

Here's their song line up:

1. Adoramus
2. Libera [solo: Stefan Leadbeater and Alfie Smart]
3. Time [solo: Josh Madine & Ben Philipp
4. Sanctus [solo: Stefan Leadbeater]
5. Sanctissima [solo: Ben Philipp]
6. Ave Verum [solo: Flynn Marks with Matthew Rangel-Alvarez]
7. Far Away [solo: Ben Philipp & Ralph Skan]
8. Salva Me [solo: Stefan Leadbeater]
9. Agnus Dei [solo: Alex Leggett]
10. Exulate [solo: Ben Philipp]

20 minute intermission

1. Mysterium [solo: Stefan Leadbeater]
2. Orinoco Flow
3. The Fountain [solo: Ralph Skan]
4. How Can I Keep From Singing [solo: Sammy Moriarty]
5. When A Knight Won His Spurs [solo: Stefan Leadbeater]
6. Love And Mercy [solo: Freddie Ingles & James Mordaunt]
7. Secret [solo: Ben Philipp]
8. Stay With Me [solo: Daniel Fontannaz with Matthew Rangel-Alvarez]
9. Deep Peace [solo: Stefan Leadbeater with Sammy Moriarty]
10. How Shall I Sing That Majesty [solo: Jakob de Menezes-Wood & Stefan Leadbeater]

Anyhoo, view Inna's blog to know more about the Korea Concert. 


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