EMI Classics' Contest

Last week was a busy week for me. We had a lot of submittal that made me really out of my mind. One thing I do to unwind at times where I feel like my brains being lost to the drawings I had to do is listen to Libera music while surfing on the net about them and that's exactly what I did. As I was on my last stop before I go back to work, I made a quick stop to check updates on Libera4u and found out that the site was also contacted to have a contest. So I entered the contest but I completely forgot about it afterwards. 

Early this morning, as I am doing my usual surfing on different Libera sites, I stumbled upon a great news I found on Libera4u...

That's me!!!!!!!

And so I waited the whole day and I finally received a confirmation from EMI and they said that they are mailing the prize today straight from UK. WOOOOOW! I can not wait to receive that! :)


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