Get Your Classical Relief Recoding of 'The Prayer'!

Get your Classical Relief recording of The Prayer!  Read Original Article HERE.

Pick up The Mail on Sunday this weekend, March 14, to claim the amazing Classical Relief for Haiti recording of the beautiful aria The Prayer - and at the same time you'll be helping the children of Haiti. You will find an exclusive promotion code printed in your copy of the paper. 

The recording was made just a few weeks ago when a stunning array of classical crossover stars got together to raise money for the earthquake victims.  Paul Potts, Faryl, The Priests, Blake, Darius Campbell, Rhydian, Bond, and many more were there, singing with the glorious Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - and you can claim the sublime result today, with all profits going to the Haiti Disaster Emergency Committee. 


The project took nearly twelve hours to to record and relied heavily on the goodwill and patience of the many stars present.  'It was a mammoth project but a wonderful one to be a part of,' said Baines.  'We had fun but we all knew the real reason for doing it - to ensure the people of Haiti are not forgotten.' 

The Haiti Disaster Emergency Committee works hard to bring aid to people affected by disaster all over the world.  Since the devastating earthquake struck Haiti in January, the DEC and their partners have established 59 hospitals, supported the delivery of a two week dry food ration to 1.1million people through the UN World Food Programme, and were among those helping to provide clean water to more than 750,000 people a day.  These efforts have made a huge difference, but the need for more emergency shelter remain urgent priorities. 

You can either download a recording of The Prayer and you will be asked to donate 79p. Alternatively, if you prefer you can claim a copy of the CD which will be sent to you by post and you will be asked to donate £3.99 - a coupon for postal applications is printed in The Mail on Sunday on March 14. When you apply for this recording, you can choose to donate as much as you like to this worthy cause. 

How To Claim
To order your copy of the The Prayer on CD, just CLICK HERE where you can donate £3.99 and receive your CD in the post.
Alternatively, you can download a recording of The Prayer - just  CLICK HERE to register your details, and type in the codeword 'prayer'. Via this method, you will be asked to donate just 79p.

Terms And Conditions
Orders must be submitted by April 11, 2010. Please allow 28 days for delivery. Delivery to UK addresses only. Please note that your contract for supply of goods is with Upfront Direct Ltd. Terms and conditions on request. All offers are subject to availability. Usual Mail on Sunday promotions rules apply, CLICK HERE to view in full. 


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