Official Tracklist & Soloists

I've been working all night on my thesis stuff and just when I took a break and surfed for new news this one surprised me!

  1. Sanctissima: Solo : Benedict Philipp
  2. Time: Solos : Joshua Madine & Benedict Philipp
  3. Ave Virgo: Solo: Tom Cully
  4. Faithful Heart: Solo : Joshua Madine Duet: Stefan Leadbeater & Daniel Fontannaz
  5. Gaelic Blessing (Deep Peace): Solos: Stefan Leadbeater & James Threadgill with Sammy Moriarty
  6. Exultate: Solo : Benedict Philipp
  7. How Shall I Sing That Majesty?: Solo: Stefan Leadbeater
  8. Lacrymosa: Solo : Benedict Philipp
  9. Adoro Te
  10. Lead, Kindly Light: Solo: Jakob De Menezes-Wood
  11. Panis Angelicus: Solo: Daniel Fontannaz
  12. Touch The Sky: Solo: James Mordaunt Duet: Benedict Philipp & Jakob De Menezes-Wood
  13. The Fountain: Solo: Ralph Skan
  14. Bayan Ko: Solo: Benedict Philipp (Bonus Track)
I'll start first with Ralph, I was not expecting to hear a solo from him. I know that he's one of the spokesperson now but he didn't have solo from the Philippines so it was a surprise. :) And JAKOB! YEAY! Finally, he got solos! I don't know why, but Jakob has always been on my fave Libera boys though I really don't know his voice! hahahaha! A lot of fans, including myself actually, where saying that Kavana is the soloist in Touch the Sky it was a big surprise that it's James T. But what made me jump for joy is TOM on AVE VIRGO! I knew the moment I heard the sang that it was him. The quality and the emotion is just pure Tom. Though at some point I was a bit convinced that it could have been Ed (because there quality musicality is almost the same) because there is no way Tom could have recorded that recently, with the new tenor voice of him. It's possible that he recorded it before his voice broke so probably around January 2009? Anyhoo, I'll stop thinking about that and just listen to the song. :) Overall, I'm really liking the album and I'm really excited to have my own copy. (March 8, come faster please!) I'm a bit disappointed that Kavana nor Freddie has a solo and of course Liam and Ed too. (Really disappointed on Ed though. I wanted to hear him again. He's really really great and I think he deserved a solo.)

Anyhoo, there was something off with the digital booklet I saw earlier. First off, there are 26 boys on the pictures (3 of them are new) but there are only 25 names credited. And second, they photoshopped the last picture and I really hate it. Josh left arms is missing, the fog on Alex's shoes was removed (that's the only good thing on the editing IMHO) and lastly, ed's picture replaced by Jakob. Though it was a bad picture of Ed (half of his face was covered) I think it's still not proper to release  a photo over the internet then when photoshop it again and change your face with somebody else. It's just so wrong.

Ps. Please excuse me for the wrong grammar and typos, I've been writing my thesis book for two days straight already. I'm really tired! :(


thelma l. guzman said...

hi chix, thanks again for this - we always get it first from you!!! anyhow, let's all celebrate that tom is still "alive", hah hah... actually, when my husband first heard ave virgo, just 3 lines of the song, he said it was tom singing, i didn't believe him- but you're right, maybe it was recorded earlier. second, i'm just glad that my moriarty boy is given a spotlight this time - and my favorite song pa - "deep peace".. i'm one with you, waiting for monday and that "prayer" video they did. thanks again for the first hand info. regards.

diwata said...

ahhhhhhhhhh!! Ave virgo! no wonder it souncds so much like tom! and deep peace! i knew it! stefan!
wow, wow, wow!

Chix said...

I strongly believed it was Tom the first time I heard Ave Virgo. What got me confused is that usually pre-recorded songs like this are usually including in compilation albums like Eternal. I was surprised when I saw Sammy's name on the solos too! :) Too bad, there's no solo for Ed and Liam. I really can't let that go. hehehe

cayleb101 said...

Chix! Post this on Libera360! :) i've been trying to access the digital booklet since last week. Good thing you have it here. :)

Shell said...

hello chix! I wonder where you got the digital booklet. I thank God, Tom still has a solo, I've missed him so much, the way fans of him do, I guess you're one of them! Josh is still active and has several solos, I was glad that his voice didn't change that much. Though, we all know that change will come that he'll leave Libera, but I pray not completely. I want them all to work with Libera still, though not as a singer :D Thank you chix for this blog.

thelma l. guzman said...

agree, wonder why RP didn't have anything for ed and liam... pang chorus na lang ba sila?

Anonymous said...

yey! i'm really glad tom got at least one song! at first i thought ave virgo was ed's too. thanks chix! except for josh and ben, i don't recognize who the solos belong to at all. what i can remember of stefan's voice was when he sang the high parts of salva me at the crystal cathedral. :D -- Doris

Chix said...

@ Cayleb, So sorry. I was busy and didn't have time to put that on 360. I saw you did that already and it was so much better. :)

@Shell, Hello! Thanks for dropping by! :) I got it from a Libera Dreams. You might want to visit there sometimes, you'll get lots of infos about Libera. :) I wasn't expecting much form Tom but I can't deny that I'm really glad to hear one from him. It's really nice to hear more from Josh too. I must say it's a good marketing strategy for Libera. Oh, regarding some of them working for Libera, count Tom on that. He's already credited as one of the assistant for the album alongside with Ben C and Steven G. :)

@ Tita Thelma, I really have no idea kung bakit pati si Liam walang solo. Sabi ng Tita ko, it could be that during the time they were recording their songs, un ung time na pumipiyok piyok na siya. hehehe As for Ed, baka bumalik lang si Ed sa Libera in time for the video of Time and photoshoot. Siguro dinagdag lang ung "aaah" part nia sa Time. Sayang talaga, sana nabigyan din sila ng "graduation" song.

Chix said...

@Doris, I'm really glad too. But too bad no solo for Ed. As expected Stefan's really good. :) On the other hand, Jakob and Ralph surprised me. :)

Anonymous said...

I think Daniels Panis was great, his voice is pure and he has great future ahead of him

Chix said...

Hello thanks for dropping by. Yes, I think Daniel has a great voice, actually all of them have. :)

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