Peace Summer Philippine Tour 1 (NEWS FLASH!)

News Flash: We've extended our spring tour in south east Asia to include a stop in the Philippines, where we plan to hold a concert. More details to follow...

Now, a message from Mr. Joel Andaya.  

The loyal organizers of the Libera visit have allowed me to let you in on the following:
1. Libera is scheduled to be in Manila in the Week of April 12th (immediately following their Seoul Concert);
2. They are scheduled to perform a couple of "fan-appreciation concerts" tentative venue and date;
3. They may have other appearances to promote "Peace" and "New Dawn".

Let us repay this "fan appreciation" effort of Libera by spreading the word of their visit to all possible fans and interested persons. Let us pack the venues where they make their appearances, buy copies of their albums (their are 3 albums and one DVD on shelves) and show them how much we too appreciate the attention they have given their support base here...

“WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" That was the first thing I posted when I saw this post on my wall, and that was I posted on Libera's wall. hahahahah Good thing I was sane enough to delete it cause they might think that I'm just spamming their wall. hahahaha Thank you Joel Andaya for the wonderful info you had shared with us. The tour's like 3 weeks away from now. WHO'S SUPER EXCITED? I KNOW I AM

Ps.  Mr. Joel Andaya got those info from Mr. Robert de Ocampo, the one who's responsible for Libera's visit last year. Thank you so much sir. :)


thelma l. guzman said...

hi chix. this certainly is good news!!! i was out and your messages (yours and joel a.) came putol-putol on my fone. so on our way home, i had this feeling joel would want to share pics with us but had a funny feeling, too that what if they make a "side trip" to manila and maybe do some promotions on their "peace" CD. when i got home ang logged in, sigaw ako ng sigaw when i read their announcement (my husband had to shout at me to stop, hah hah).. so i immediately texted romina and eric. and exchanged messages with tina m. and sofia, too. haaay, what a relief...answered prayers, pinagbigyan din tayo ng libera. thanks to you & joel, too.

dosirie said...

just learned about this now. yey, that's really great, great news! thanks for sharing chix! i think i'll postpone my buying the peace album so i could have it autographed. :P -doris

Chix said...

@Tita, no problem! :P

@Doris, I already bought a cd. I hope they could still sign it though, or else I have to buy another one.

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