Vote For Libera On Classical Crossover

If you are a classical music lover, one website that you might like is Classical Crossover Website. It is dedicated  for Classical artists in UK which has Artists Profiles, Album Reviews, Interviews User Charts (mainly based on the votes and ratings of the artists by fans) and Forum.

As of March 21, Libera ranked 29th on their chart (Fiona Pears ranked 14th). The editor of the Classical Crossover Site mentioned that the ratings are just for fun and for them to know whose fan base are active on their site. However, they might be conducting an award system soon which will be based on the ranking (this one is not yet clear to me) and the top 10 artists are given more coverage as rewards to the fans.

You need to REGISTER on the site before you vote for them, but one registered fan of Libera might just help them move closer to top 10, which we are aiming at least.

To Vote: (click on the stars for rating) Libera on Classical Crossover
To View full user chart: Classical Crossover Full User Chart

Note that:
***You can vote once every 2 hours and to as many artists as you want.
***Number of Votes x Average Ratings = Score


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