The Prayer - Official Video

Taken from the YouYube Video itself:
23 artists and a host of of talented, dedicated professionals, all donated their services and their timeto bring about the first ever "Classical Band Aid"...for one cause...HAITI. The results of their fantastic efforts - Classical Relief for Haiti "The Prayer". Special premission has been given for this video to be uploaded to this channel.

The single can be downloaded at Mail On Sunday Site haiticd at a cost of 79p per download or £3.99 incl p&p for a hard copy, please support this cause and help raise much needed funds for the people of Haiti.
We don't see more of Libera other than what we already seen from interviews of other artists such as Blake but at least they are there. Hope they could release a cd or it will be available for download on itunes as well so more people could buy the single and help Haiti as well. 

To download the Single visit HERE.
To buy the CD visit HERE.


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