My Libera Concert Experience [Part 2]

We arrived at around 7:45pm at Waterfront Hotel Concert Hall and to much at our surprise the venue wasn’t jam packed. Before we enter the concert hall, my aunt took a quick comfort room break and she even came across the boys, piled up as they enter the comfort room one by one. Several minutes had passed and the venue was slowly getting full but the show hasn’t started yet. As expected, it started in “Filipino time.” As soon as the concert had started, my aunt and I became really anxious. I actually didn’t understand the word from the welcoming speech. Anyhoo, we were seated at the center on 12th row. Although it’s quite far from the stage I could still see their faces clearly specially Tom and Josh’s at our area.

Song Line-up:

  1. Adoramus
  2. Gloria
  3. Far Away (Solo: Ben Philipp)
  4. Stay With Me (Solo: Daniel Fontannaz)
  5. Sancte (Solo: Liam Connery)
  6. Secret (Solo: Ben Philipp)
  7. Salva Me (Solo: Stefan Leadbeater)
  8. Sanctus
  9. Ave Maria
  10. Libera (solo: Liam Connery)


  1. Sakura
  2. When A Night Won His Spurs (Solo: Stefan Leadbeater)
  3. Hymn To Beauty
  4. Prayer (Solo: Freddie Ingles & James Mordaunt)
  5. You Were There (solo: Josh Madine)
  6. Orinoco Flow
  7. How Can I Keep From Singing
  8. Sacris Solemnis
  9. Love & Mercy (Solo: Josh Madine & Daniel Fontannaz)
  10. I Am The Day (Solo: Josh Madine & Sam Leggett)

Encore: Bayan Ko (Solo: Ben Philipp)

Random thoughts:
  1. As soon as they entered the stage, the crowd went wild but as the intro for Adoramus started playing they soon became quiet and was ready to here Libera sing.
  2. Ben’s solo in faraway was perfect. But I like Michael Horncastle’s version more. I guess it was made to suite “Michael’s” voice.
  3. Daniel’s voice is really nice, but he seems to be a bit nervous in his “Stay with me” solo. At some point, mini Ben joined him in singing the verse.
  4. I was really excited hearing “Secret’s” intro, but then a bit disappointed ‘cause the obligato parts were played by violin. Also, I would love to hear Josh sing that song. But Mini Ben did great too.
  5. My aunt and I didn’t expect Stefan Leadbeater to be sooo gooood! We love his version of Salva Me. He had his hood on and he was on the back part of the stage standing in a platform. My dad thought it was Tom doing the “Salva” part cause Stefan looked tall during that part of the concert. Hahaha
  6. It was so fun looking at Kavana as he sings the high parts of Santus. He’s like “Mini Tom” for me specially with his movements. Hahaha
  7. Liam still led the choir as they sing the last song for the first half of the concert. His voice had already changed and he was a bit shaky at times but he sure can still hit the high notes. Really impressive!
  8. During the intermission, my sister and I went to the comfort room, and on our way out of the concert hall I saw big Ben. He was really busy doing all the technical stuffs at the back so I didn’t bother him anymore.
  9. Their first song after the intermission was Sakura. 12 boys came in first with their hood on and they weren’t facing the crowd. I don’t know who the 12 kids are but Josh is surely one of them and he’s the once in the center at the back row and he’s conducting as they sang the song. Tom and the rest of the boys entered after that song.
  10. Freddie and Mini James led the solo for Prayer with Kavana on back-up. Oh the cuties! Hahaha
  11. The next song was You Were There with Josh on solo. I was literally holding back my tears this time. I tried to focus on Josh’s singing but I only have Tom in my mind. I was thinking things like, what does Tom feel now that Josh is singing this song? I can’t remember all the things that kept running on my mind while they were singing this song. All I know is, up until now, I’m still hoping to hear Tom sing this song even for the last time.
  12. After You were there the crowed became ecstatic as they heard the intro of Orinoco Flow, almost everyone was clapping and cheering as if they’d been waiting to hear this song like forever. I can clearly reme,ber the part where they sang “from Peru to Cebu” with an emphasis. And the crowd went wild for that. I could also see their faces lift up as they hear the crowds overwhelming response to the song. It was by so far the song that had the longest applause apart from Libera which ended the first half.
  13. On Sacris Solemnis we got really confused if it was Jakob or Daniel who was doing the high obligatos. Hahaha they kinda look the same if you look at them from afar. I only read somewhere that Jakob was the one who did it.
  14. Again, another favorite of mine, Love and Mercy was the next song. Josh did the solo and Daniel harmonized with him. Of course, it would be way better if Tom did that song (I’m obviously Tom biased.hahaha) but I think Daniel did great in this song.
  15. Someone (I forgot who he is) said their closing remarks and told that Josh and Sam would be doing I am the Day. As they were preparing to sing that, I couldn’t help myself and screamed a loud “Tooooooooooom!” which I regretted doing after. (But I guess it wasn’t that bad, since the moment the audience knew that Josh would be singing solo again a lot of fan girls were creaming his name. It’s that, I’m the only person who screamed at our area that made me felt a bit embarrassed. Hahah)
  16. After they sang I am the day, the boys bowed and exited the stage. The crowed were screaming “more” but I was screaming “TOM!” hahaha The lady seating in front of us got curious of who Tom is. I told her his physical description and told her, “He is by far the best soloist Libera ever had. Too bad he already grew up and couldn’t sings solo anymore, but I still think he’s the best”. And screamed another loud “Tom”. I guess she got irritated of my screaming so she told me “bata pa yan, 12 pa lang.” (“he’s too young for you, he’s only 12.”) I really wanted to tell her “He’s already 15. and I don’t care about his age, it’s not like, I like him. I just admire his talent A LOT!” but then I figured she wouldn’t understand ‘cause she never heard Tom sing before.
  17. Libera finally came back and sung their encore song “Bayan Ko”. Words couldn’t explain what I felt while they were singing this song. All I know id they were reeeallly reaaally good. Specially mini Ben, he did a great job on his solo. As they exit the stage I gave a final “Tom” shout and much to my surprise Tom did took a step back and wave to our area. Thank you. Thank you, Tom.

All in all, the concert was fantastic! But why is Tom always at the back?!!!!! Yeah, I know he isn’t singing solo anymore and he’s kind of big compared to the other boys but I somehow wished that he was at the center front even for one song. Or at least introduced the members or the next song that they are going to sing. I mean, he is a star in Libera right! Too much publicity on Josh in the Philippines and no Tom at all. I felt bad that he wasn’t given extra attention. But don’t worry Tom, you know I screamed my lungs out for you. And I know that you noticed it since you took a step to look back at our area and wave goodbye right after I screamed your name.

Ps. Sorry if it took me sooo long to update this blog. I’ve been quite busy at school.


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