My Libera Concert Experience [Part 1]

Disclaimer: This post is more of my personal experience rather than a concert review. I decided to do it this way, since you can pretty much find a detailed concert review about the concert elsewhere. I just want to share this experience that I had. Warning: This is going to be really long.

While other Manile┼łos were watching the Libera concert in PICC, my family and I were stuck at home watching the Angel Voices DVD. I kept my tears from falling as I was really devastated by the fact that I couldn’t watch them live. I mean, I still can’t get over the fact that I missed it. Past midnight that day, I surf the internet hoping I could get some reviews about the concert and tell me if Tom sung a solo or two or if I’m really lucky perhaps a video (which I really doubt that there would be because PICC is really strict) but nada! No videos and no reviews.

The next day, the first thing I did was search the internet for concert reviews and much to my surprise I did read a complete review from the administrator of Libera360 and that was the first day I joined that forum. I started crying out of jealously and when the fact that Tom didn’t do any solo hit me. My father think that I was really stupid that time, but I guess it’s just because I found something that I think I would like for the rest of my life, Libera’s music, and I missed the chance to listen to them LIVE. That was the first day I got really hype on searching for more details about Libera and much to my surprise, I came across this one site that told me that they are going to have another concert in Cebu and there are still tickets. Upon knowing this, my heart was filled with hope. I guess I just have to do a little charm on my aunt so that we could watch the concert in Cebu. Upon gathering the information (Date, Time, Venue, Ticket Prices) I texted my parents and aunt and told them that we could still see in Libera but only in Cebu. Maybe because our province is Cebu, my aunt immediately replied and told me to ask my dad if he could talk to one of our relatives to buy us tickets and also look for a place to stay there. Once everything was settled, I was ecstatic and I couldn’t concentrate in anything I do. Hahahah We left Wednesday morning and arrived in Cebu at around 8am. After so many years, this was the first time I was glad to be back in Cebu.

After lunch, I had an idea to give something to the boys, but since I do not much have time, I just bought 3 postcards to give them. I sketched Tom, Josh and the cover of Libera’s Eternal album in it, and had few messages for them.


Syafiqah said...

Great postcards! They're so cute :) I bet Tom/Josh were happy to receive something so cute from a fan. Thank you for sharing the experience :)

thelma l. guzman said...

---really nice postcards!!

diwata said...

ang galing ng postcards!!! thanks for sharing this, chix!

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