Libera Impostors

This was posted on Libera's Official Facebook Acount.

Thursday, September 24, 2009 at 4:57am
It has come to our attention that there is someone on Facebook pretending to be various boys from Libera. This person makes friends with fans and passes false information about the boys, and we have even been told of an attempt to extort money.

We believe one such account has recently been closed down by Facebook, but we know there are others.

Please take care. Libera boys are regularly reminded about internet safety and they know not to make friends with people they do not already know for real.

So if you are friends with someone who says he is a current Libera boy it may be the impostor or someone else who has the same name as a Libera boy. We would suggest you remove them from your friends lists.

Kind regards


I know it's kinda old but do you know that more impostors are circulating Facebook community? And it really annoys me! GAAAAAAAH! Why do they have to be someone they're not. They could have just dedicated a fan page for their favorite Libera members or do a blog like what I did. I really don't get the idea of posing as someone else. It's just plain pathetic. And what's worst is that these so called impostors are communicating with the fans and within themselves. And most of all their English sucks! hahah Big time!

Shame on these impostors! Specially those posing as Tom, Josh and Liam. Don't you know that the real Libera might be annoyed because of what you did? Ugh.

So people, please beware of this impostors and don't let them fool you.

Ps. And there's also these so called Libera fan who claims that he befriended Josh during the Philippine Tour and thet've been communicating through Skype. Another pathetic person. Get a life!


thelma l. guzman said...

---what can i say? if these people can pose as tom, josh and liam, then can i pose as mrs. madine or mrs. cully and mrs. connery? and fool everyone on those fan sites? i wonder how it would feel to be somebody i'm not - making people believe that i'm answering for those boys, pretending to be their moms... awwww, can you just kill me?!!!

hellotomcully said...

hahah tita! But I know you wouldn't do that. Ugh. These people are making me crazy. I really hate them to death. I've been thinking for a good reason why one should do such things, pose as someone else,and spread rumors or false info, but nada, not a single reason. Not even boredom fits the idea. Funny, they call themselves fans.

Larry said...

When I first joined Facebook I noticed that there were a lot of posers out there. One good way to spot them is to look at the pictures on their page. If they are all pics that could be found on the internet instead of new pics of them and their friends then they are probably lying. I saw a Liam poser and someone pretending to be Declan.
Joseph Sanders (Sandros) Wilde is real and so are some of the older members.
The false one should be tarred and feathered.
:-) Larry (Sangerknaben)

Chix said...

Hello Larry. Thanks for dropping by. Yeah I saw those too. Some of them really do have facebook but they know not make friends with fans, and we should respect that. But these impostors are really annoying. I tried to report them on facebook but I need to know the real boys account but I do not want to bother them.
-Chix (hellotomcully)

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Chix said...

@Anonymous, so sorry I rejected your message... i do not want to post the names of Libera members who have legit Facebook accounts as it may lead for some fans to find them and send them friend requests...I hope you understand. Thanks for visiting my blog though.

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