Never Be Alone

I've been busy for the past few days. I've got this research on my design class and thing on my RMA that I had to do all over again. Ugh. Anyhoo, my mind's a bit wasted now to continue writing about the Concert Experience since I have a lot of reminiscing to do. hahaha So for now, I leave you "Never Be Alone", one of my favorite Libera songs.

 Listening to this song makes me really feel that someone is always there for me. Josh’s sweet voice is perfect for the lyrics for the first verse. It’s as if an angel is really whispering to your ears and takes your heartaches away. Tom's harmony on the first verse and solo on the second verse, is as expected, really good. For some reason, I like the part where he sang "The echoes will never decay". Tom also did an ah-ma-zing job at 3:05 with that really high obligato! hahaha And lastly, you can hear Joe’s superb voice in this song. Joe is known for his version of Salva Me but I think this one wins it all away. Who knew that this little kid with a very deep speaking voice could sing beautifully. Listening to this make me miss him more...

Lyrics for Never Be Alone:
A whisper in heaven re-echoes around
the songs of the angels resound
Their music of light chases darkness away
The voices uplifted to say
You'll never be alone

Though their music is lost in the noise of the storm
and the whispers are drowned in the flood
Their message of hope is not fading away
The echoes will never decay
You'll never be alone


riel sacop said...

i miss joe, too.. wish we could've seen a lot more of him.. i think he could be in line with the big 5, considering his potential...

thelma l. guzman said...

thanks chix for sharing this...i never saw nor listened to this! will view it later.. agree, joe's voice is low but he can hit a high note that easy! very good...hmmm, let's see who will be the next 'tom cully'...

Chix said...

Tita, I had that song on repeat. It's reaaaly good! :)

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