It's Better Late Than Never...

I've been meaning to finish the postcard that I made but chores won't let me. I wanted to post this up before Christmas or atleast the day after Christmas but then again, I went somewhere else.

Anyhoo, just want to greet everyone a (Belated) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I'm really glad that besides knowing Libera, I've got to get more friends too! I'm looking forward for a fruitful new year for everyone.


Syafiqah H. said...

This card looks awesome ;) I really like it, thank you for making something so cute!

Chix said...

it was hardwork! hahaha i wanted to draw them but i didn't have time, and i can't find a picture where all of them is seen. so i have to edit mini ben, stefan, alex, ralph, tiarnan and james t. hahaha stefan and ralph's pretty obvious because of the lighting.

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