My First Libera

So there was this advertisement months ago about this group of boys called “Libera” promoting their concert in the Philippines. My dad, being a musical inclined person that he is, searched Libera on Youtube and got really hooked at them. He then introduced me to Libera using the song Sanctus (He knows I would love that since Pachelbel’s Canon in D is my favorite song of all time) and Tom became my favorite instantly. I then got my aunt to become a fan of them too and now, all of them love Libera. I guess there’s something about Libera’s music that I can not express in words that got us hooked up.

Now, you got to know how I knew Libera. With this, I’ll give you the first Libera video that made me looove them.

This one is my favorite version. I think Tom did the ending phrases beautifully. I think the melody and harmony of the song fits perfectly. I think this is one of Libera’s songs that I wouldn’t mind to be listening 24/7. I personally like the obligato parts during the chorus. I love how Tom does  the “aahhh” parts. It gives me this calm feeling whenever I hear that part.


Erik, RN said...

Sanctus definitely is so heavenly!!! :) Libera's version is one of the best rendition of this classic Liturgical hymn...Whenever I hear this song, my spirit is lifted and seems to travel on air nearer to God! :)

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