Meet And Greet Libera at the Podium, Manila (10-24-2009)

Disclaimer: This post is more of my personal experience so I just want to warn you all that this is going to be really long.

We arrived a bit late during the meet and greet session at Podium. Numbers 60-70 were already called to line up so my aunt hurriedly bought the cd and lined-up too. But only two people per cd are allowed to line-up so my aunt went to buy the dvd and I lined up for that. The first one we noticed there was Big Ben. He is indeed really big and really handsome. I didn’t know he was the “Big Ben” at that time. We just knew that he must be a former Libera member and thought that he’s really handsome.

In the first batch, you get to meet Sammy first, whom by the way I think looks like Harry Potter with his eye glasses. Next was JB who was really noticeable because he is really cute and he always have this smile on his face. Then Josh whom I didn’t recognized at first as he was really tall already, his hair is longer and he didn’t smile at all [ I think he’s really tired from the long flight], and seating next to him are these two-smiling kids, Daniel and Jakob. My aunt noticed Jakob in an instant and dubbed him as “pinaka-gwapo meaning “most handsome” of all the members. Then next were Tiarnan and Henry who looks really serious. Next was the adorable mini James who kept telling everyone “Hello” and “Have a nice day.” after he signed each poster. He also gave his sweetest smile to each person who would ask to have his picture taken. [Don’t you just love mini James’ innocent smile, perfect teeth and soft yet noticeable dimples?] Kavana and Alex were next and they looked really excited meeting their fans and lastly was Ralph who was really really nice. He was smiling all the time and after he signed the posters he would then look at the fan as if telling him I’m ready for the picture taking and would have his thumb up!

Before they left the stage for the 2nd batch to do the session, the host introduced them again one by one and said “Josh’s” name lastly. I really panicked there. I didn’t notice him. So I quickly looked at the poster and saw this huge “josh” signature just below his face. By the time I realized where he was seated, they already stood up and exited the stage. Anyhoo, my aunts and sister weren’t that familiar with the boys yet, so they asked me who was the soloist who wasn’t part of the tour. I said it was Tom. That’s why when the host called the 2nd batch of the boys and said Tom’s name, I was really shocked but extremely happy at the same time.

The 2nd batch was up and our numbers were called first. I was one of the first who had the chance to meet Tom Cully during the meet and greet. The line started with Alfie who wasn’t smiling at all [I also do think that he’s really tired like Josh]. Beside him was Freddie, who’s really busy in writing his whole name on each poster that he has to. [Btw, at some point he gave up writing the whole “Freddie Ingles” in each autograph and ended up with “F.I.” instead. Hehe] He was really concentrating in signing that at some point he wouldn’t notice the fan whenever he/she asks a picture of him. Luckily, I got one. Matthew was also busy signing things. Next were Sam and Liam who both seems to enjoy what they were doing. My other aunt, who’s taking the videos while I ask the boys for signature, keeps focusing the camera on Sam. My aunt thought Sam is also really handsome and Liam on the other hand is really charming. Then sitting beside them is Mini Ben. He is like super cool. He says “hello” even before we could greet them and he also look straight to your eyes. He also tries to have a bit of conversation and even asked us if we would come to their concert. I felt that he was a bit disappointed when I told him that we didn’t have tickets. Then next was Tom. I was so nervous while I was in front of him and I was also really shock to hear his deep voice. In the end because I was sooo “starstucked” at him, I didn’t even have the guts to have a little conversation with him. [I know, it’s really lame!] The last kids were Carlos, Stefan, Flynn and James Threadgill. They were all so adorable!

Anyhoo, here’s a video of Meet And Greet [2nd batch]

Memorable moments:

  1. JB is sooo cute. He’s always smiling and saying hello to people. I really didn’t recognized Josh. He looked really different now. Still handsome but I think he’s much more charming when he was smaller.
  2. Mini Ben and Tom’s Hand Sanitizer Incident: As you all know, each one of them have their own sanitizer. Besides their own sanitizer, Mrs. Barabara gives them too after the session. Hahah So there I was asking Tom’s signature when I accidentally bump their sanitizer, Mini Ben hurriedly tried to pick it up. I handed it over to him and then he realized it wasn’t his. He then asked Tom if he owns it, but Tom seems to not mind about the sanitizer at all and told Mini Ben, “Maybe. Just put it there.” Hahahah Mini Ben is sooo cute panicking over the sanitizer.. Tom’s voice is really deep!
  3. After having our signatures my aunt wasn’t contended about the amount of pictures we have. She went beside James Threadgill and tried to take a piture of him. [Note that the security at Podium wasn’t as strict as in Cebu. We could actually talk to the boys or stay a bit closer to them if we want to, but we still hesitated.] James somehow noticed my aunt and faced her and gave his cutest smile. James is sooo adorable too. Hahah
  4. I got to have a good five minute picture taking with Big Ben. I din’t know why 2 pictures took that long but it did. Hahah Some fans even gathered around us to take pictures as well. I guess they cut me in their pictures because I’m not even close to Big Ben’s shoulder. Hahah Gosh, he’s sooo handsome and way too tall! I couldn’t concentrate when he was talking to me. First, I was so distracted ‘cause many people were already lined up to take pictures of him. Second, he’s so handsome and third, it was really hard for me to look way up just to look at his eyes while talking. Hahaha
  5. After taking pictures with Big Ben, we seated again in the waiting area and noticed Liam and Sam singing along with the songs… I really wished I heard them singing that time.
  6. Just before the signing event ended, Josh went back to the stage to thank us and invite us to watch their concert in PICC. This time, he was smiling. But I still didn’t have a good picture of him, cause seeing his smiling face makes you really distracted and I didn’t even had the chance to focus my camera on his face. Hahah
  7. After the signing event, my aunt went to the store just across Libera’s waiting room. Much to my surprise, while we were waiting for my aunt, Josh, Liam, Tom and Mini Ben walked out of the CR. Apparantly, after Josh made his speech, he waited for Tom to finish his autograph session and asked him to go to the CR with them. While they were walking right in front of us, my other aunt hurriedly took her camera and tried to take pictures of them. I guess Tom noticed her taking pictures of him so he paused a little and gave a quick pose at us. Isn’t he lovely? Hahaha After the 4 of them got back to the waiting room, the other boys were lined-up and went to the CR together.

Tom’s Pic after they got out of the CR.

Mini Ben smiled too but Tom blocked him. hahaha I think they're really close.

Boys Lined Up Going Back To Their Waiting Room

From that moment on, my whole family became addicted to Libera. We played the CD on our way home. We watched the DVD right after dinner and we started to look for more of their videos on youtube.


Syafiqah said...

Excellent review :)

thelma l. guzman said...

i just love this one, chix... although we were just chatting about it the other night.. i hope romina's blog will follow.. this is exciting for those like me who didn't make it to the m & g at the podium..

and tom, adorable tom cully.. cherish that every moment you had with him, and the rest of the boys upclose..

hellotomcully said...

@Syafiqah Thank you! I hope it didn't bore you.

@Tita Thelma, And I'm really glad I made this blog while the memory is still fresh on my mind. :) Thank you for reading! :)

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